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What is jewels in a wristwatch?

Industrial-grade or synthetic rubies are used to make a watch movement's bearings. A pair of these ruby 'jewels' hold the ends of the staff (axle) for each major wheel (gear); You can see some of these on the surface of the movement as tiny red doughnut shapes. The balance wheel, the most active mov ( Full Answer )

When was the wristwatch invented?

The first wristwatch was made by Patek Philippe in 1868. He deignedit for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary, more as an attractive pieceof jewelry than a way to tell the time.

What is one side of a face called?

To answer this question more details need to be provided. Forexample one a 3D shape one side is called a face.

Face parts name?

There are different parts that make up the face. The parts arenamed eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, and forehead. The face is part ofthe head.

What is smiley face marking called?

What? this: ☺ . Its not called anything, if your wondering how to find it, go into your start menu and find run. Then type in char map or charactermap' then you scroll down towards all the bold markings and the diamonds and its near there. Hope I helped ;)

What are face cards called?

The face cards are the Kings, Queens and Jacks. There are 4 of each in a standard 52-card deck.

What is a wristwatch?

A watch is a miniature clock. It can be carried in the pocket, or pinned to the clothes, but a wristwatch is strapped round the wrist. A wrist watch is worn strapped to the wrist, we can check the time at any place specially during the traveling.

Why was the wristwatch invented?

ummmm...some person decided instaed of walkin all arounf town to find the time you can carry a thing called a wrist watch......(wear i on ur wrist) :) ummmmm.....so the dude wanted to make this invetion world wide so he became rich and all so yea...dat is da answer!!! :-*

What is a six faced prism called?

A square cuboid, see below form more details.. A right rectangular prism is also called a cuboid, it has 6 faces. A right square prism is simply a square box , and may also be called a square cuboid .

What are the faces on the moon called?

If you mean the black markings, they are called maria (mar-e-a), which means "sea" in Latin. In old times the ancient Romans thought that the maria were oceans on the moon. We now know that the black markings came from lava that oozed to the surface up from the moons core when the moon was still war ( Full Answer )

Why is the hair in your face called the bangs?

Wikipedia extrapolates that they are named after the style of bobbing horse's tails straight across called "bang tailed". Bangs are the style name in the US. In the UK they are called fringes. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Why_are_bangs_called_bangs#ixzz1CBkjQLB9 .

What is the part of the mosque that faces east to mecca called not the prayer hall the thing that shows you where to face plus why are we allowed no punctuation other than 1 question mark?

It is called the qiblah, and only points east in places west of Mecca. Places east of Mecca have the qiblah on the west side, south of Mecca point to the north, etc., etc. As for the punctuation question, I have no idea. I guess they don't want you to use profanity, so they limit all punctuation ( Full Answer )

What are the parts of the face?

There are eight parts of the face. These parts of the face are thenose, mouth, lips, cheeks, eyes, jaw, forehead, and eyebrows.

What do you call face drawing?

A portrait, this means a picture of a person, most portraits are focused on the face area of a persons body. I hope that helps :)

The front or face of a building is called?

Facade. The word comes from the French "frontage" or "face," sincethe facade faces the street. Many facades are historicarchitectural elements, and are subject to strict regulations.

How does a wristwatch work?

You have a mainspring wound up tight inside a small barrel. The outside of this barrel is toothed like a gear and has other gears riding up against it. Call this the "gear train". The sizes of the other gears in this train make one hand go around the dial once every 12 hours, one every hour and one ( Full Answer )

Is your ear part of your face?

Yes, the ear is connected to the face and head. It's common sense because your face is also part of the head. It is all connected in multiple ways.

Which part of the comet faces the sun?

Comets consist of 3 parts: . The nucleus . The coma . The tail . The tail always faces away from the Sun. The Nucleus faces towards the Sun. . \n

Why is a face called a mooie?

Its just a slang word, someone must have just started saying it and then it stuck and spread.

What is a polyhedron with 11 faces called?

My life became devastated when my husband sent me packing,after 8 years that we have been together. I was lost and helplessafter trying so many ways to make my husband take me back. One dayat work, i was absent minded not knowing that my boss was callingme, so he sat and asked me what its was all ab ( Full Answer )

What do you call a dog's face?

A dog's face is called a "Head" I really dont know what it meansbut im talking to people that ask the same question (: /:

Why was fat face called fat face?

Because the founders knew a black ski run that ended in 'face' and fat in the eyes of one of them meant 'good.' It however has nothing to do with liking fat people...

What are white faced cattle called?

The question itself is very ambiguous, since white-faced cattle are mainly identified not by coat colouration, but by breed due to colouration. In general, though, white-faced cattle can be called white-faced or baldy. The breeds and cross-breeds that have white-faces or are distinguished by a white ( Full Answer )

What is a 10 faced shape called?

A polygon (2-dimensional shape) with 10 sides is a decagon. A 3-dimensional polyhedron with 10 faces is a decahedron.

What is face time video calling?

Facetime Video Calling is one of the new apps on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Gen. On it, you are able to talk to other people, all around the world that are also using it, with the click of a button. Hope it helped. :) and also, i am new on this site, how do you create a question? Thanks. :)

What is the most important part of your face?

Probably your mouth or eyes. Your mouth because you eat and talk and express things with what you say. Your eyes because there are two of them and people look at them first when they talk to you.

What is called a face of a compass?

Different Compass Units of Measure There are a few different ways a compass is divided into units. Depending on the use for the compass, different units of measure may be more useful: . Points . Degrees . Mils . Grads : PS I really hope this was useful

Is your hair part of your face?

Probably not, on the basis that when you referrer to 'facial hair' you mean a beard or moustache.

What is the marking on the horses face called?

There are a range of markings on the horses face but the most common ones are: 1) Star: When a horse/pony has got a little circle mark on the top of the head and can only been seen if you lift up the horses forelock(the horses fringe)

Why are wristwatches important?

For high school kids some schools don't have bells and if have to get to a place at a specific time you will need one other wise your not going to carry an alarm clock around in your pocket :)

Why is Camella called horse face?

Camilla Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles and formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles is sometimes called horse face as an insult by some people as they think she would be ugly.

What part of your face that rhymes with weak?

The "cheek" rhymes with "weak." A person who has a "Widow's Peak" (V-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead) also has something that rhymes with "weak."

What is this part called?

You haven't described the part in order for us to try to give you an answer.