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What are the parts of mango seed?


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the part of the mango seed are seed coat protect the the food.hilum ,radicle.

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the mango has a stem, skin, seed, hair, juice and flesh

One great difference between mango and tomato is that mango fruit has a single seed while tomato fruit has numerous or multi seeds

If pepaya have a small seed if mango have a big seed

A mango seed because the seed is bigger than the amount of pulp there is in itself.

Mango seeds are found inside mango fruit. Lemon seeds are found inside lemons.

The fruit either rots or birds/other animals eat the juicy parts. Then there's the seed and then birds/other animals can carry the seed. The feces of the animals consists of the mango seeds then grows into a plant.

The mango seed is classified as dicot

i think you mean mango seed?

When animals, birds, and humans eat the mango they only eat the pulp, and the rest over they drop somewhere far from the main plant. The huge animals are also very useful for dispersal. Such as elephants eat whole of the fruit and the plant grows through dung.If it was helpful please tell me.Thankyou

yes it does it has one big seed in the middle that takes up all of the mango in side

mango is the best example of a seed plant.

in my opinion, the mango has a really huge seed!

1)The core of the mango is a part of mango fruit( and not a seed by itself ) and it is called endoscopy in botanical language. 2 ) This endoscopy ( The core ) is hard and stony . It encloses the seed....

up to 1 week or 10 days it may take for a mango seed to turn in to sapling

A mango seed is a dicot because it has two cotyledons. Cotyledons are the first embryonic leaves of a germinating seed. Other examples of dicots are apple, papaya, custard apple, and sunflower.

Raspberries, Mango, Corn.

the seed falls into dirt

peel the mango (with a pear peeler)then cut the mango length wise along the edge of the seedrotate the mango 90 degrees and cut off any excess flesh.**eating the flesh of the seed is also good**or**if you would like cut the mango into cubes**or** you can also just bite into the mango like an apple or pear [after peeled!]**

The papaya has many seeds while a mango only has 1 seed

The mango seed when planted becomes a new plant.

A mango seed will not germinate if it is coated with pomade. This will prevent the seed from germinating and growing.

A Mango feels smooth soft taste great like eating fruit expect there's like skin that stays on and there's a big seed well from a mango that i have had it has a big seed and left over skin on it but other than that a Mango is soft and smooth

in a mango seed there is little eggs that come from the maglo which is a tropical fruit worm. if they get into the mangos the worms will lay there eggs if they get inside if not then i don`t know

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