What are the parts of the carriage under the lathe machine?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What are the parts of the carriage under the lathe machine?
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What is a tailstock on a lathe?

This is a system that guide the body of a lathe. And for Exfoliaion pieces of it as a preservative. And also for under drill holes in it.

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under the carriage below the left hand seats.

Where does vibration occur most in a lathe machine?

Some major sources of lathe vibration are as follows: 1.) The stock you are turning is not centered properly, or has a lopsided mass. This has the same effect of to much clothes on one side of your wash machine during spin cycle. You can cure this by slowing down the speed you turn at until the roughed stock is more centered. 2.) Take a look at the head stock on your lathe, if it has worn bearings, if the pulleys are out of line or your belt is worn, you will most likely get vibration. 3.) Look at the floor your lathe is on. Is it solid? Cement is the best surface, an flex in your floor will result in lathe vibration. 4.) Look at the stand your lathe is on, is it solid, is it true. A level will let you know if youre base is sagging under the weight of your lathe. Make sure your lathe base is solid and not attached to surrounding walls. The common fixes: Bring your head stock and tailstock together until they touch. Do they line up perfectly, if not you may have a lathe base or floor that is sagging under the weight. Spin the lathe by hand. Is it smooth? If its rough or bumpy chances are you have worn bearings that need to be replaced. Use a straight edge to make sure all belts and pulleys are in line. Being off center will cause vibration or can cause un-even wear of the belts which in turn will cause vibration. If the belt is worn replace it. Add some weight to your base. The lathe is heavy so any vibration is sent right through your base and magnified. Add weight makes it harder for the lathe to move around and will decrease vibration of an out of round piece of stock.

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How can one grind your lathe tools?

Grinding lathe tools has a biomechincal function that involves the finger tips of a given hand. You need to rub the tool against a scrubber and rinse it out under hot water.

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