What are the parts of the eye?

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There are different parts in eye;

1.Sclerotic: Sclerotic is the outer coating of the eye

which is white in colour.

2.Cornea: The front part of sclerotic is transparent to

light and is termed as cornea.

3.Iris: Iris is just at the back of cornea.

4.Eye Lens: Eye lens is a double convex lens.

5.Ciliary Muscles: The eye lens is held by ciliary


6.Pupil: At the centre of the iris there is a hole

through which light falls on the lens.

7.Aqueous humour : The space between cornea and eye lens

is filled with a transparent fluid called aqueous humour.

8.Vitreous Humour:A jelly like transparent fluid which is

filled between between eye lens and retina.

9.Retina : Retina serves the purpose of a screen in the


10.Optic Nerve: Optic nerve carries the information to


11.Principal Axis:a line that passes through the

center of curvature of a lens so that light is neither reflected

nor refracted.

12.Blind Spot : The region of eye containing the optic

nerve is not at all sensitive to light and is called blind


13.Yellow Spot : The central part of retina.

14. Eye Lids:protect the eye from dust and light.

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