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What are the parts of the new deal?


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* One more part of the new deal was to stop all people from coming from different countries * Another part was to make everyone equal and civilized as people and better people. * Another part was to maintain peace through out the world and end the wars forever which did not really work out


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The problems the new deal solved were the unemployment rate and the hope of the American people.

The new deal did not deal with the financial causes of the depression. Parts of the new deal produced infrastructure or capital improvements which would bring financial benefits in years to come but not immediately.

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There were many successful aspects to the New Deal. These positiveaspects included the Social Security Act, the Securities andExchange Commission, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The americans thought that the new government was too powerful.... and others thought it didn't help much... The farmers also had some help in the New Deal...

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Parts of it were unconstitutional for one thing. Also some parts of it were based on highly dubious economics. Michael Montagne

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The new deal happened in 1932.

The first New Deal focused on economic recovery while the second New Deal emphasized social justice.

The New Deal proposed by FDR was to help the economic situation during the great depression. FDR ordered that al banks were to be examined and if a bank didnt pass the financial test they were closed.

The New Deal Era is a time period referring to President Roosevelt's New Deal. The New Deal was establish to help the United States overcome the Great Depression.

The Second New Deal was the second stage of the New Deal program which was put into place by President Roosevelt.

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It was just called the New Deal.

the new deal is to recover reform and relief

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Medicare is not a part of the new deal.

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