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* One more part of the new deal was to stop all people from coming from different countries * Another part was to make everyone equal and civilized as people and better people. * Another part was to maintain peace through out the world and end the wars forever which did not really work out

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Q: What are the parts of the new deal?
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What are the parts of the new deal to solve the deprssion?

The problems the new deal solved were the unemployment rate and the hope of the American people.

What parts of the New Deal could be considered socialistic?

All of them.

Why did the new deal not lift the US out of the great depression?

The new deal did not deal with the financial causes of the depression. Parts of the new deal produced infrastructure or capital improvements which would bring financial benefits in years to come but not immediately.

What are the parts of Roosevelt's new deal?

They're secrets, nobody knows them but God, so ask him :)

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Was the economy act in New Deal or in second New Deal?

2nd new deal

Was the 21st amendment in New Deal or in 2nd New Deal?

1st new deal

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Why did some Americans not agree with the New Deal?

Parts of it were unconstitutional for one thing. Also some parts of it were based on highly dubious economics. Michael Montagne

What was the federal employment relief act a New Deal or 2nd New Deal?

new deal

What is the name of the New Deal?

"New Deal" was its name.

How did Eisenhower out do the New Deal?

he continued the New Deal

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