What are the penguin kinds?

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There are many penguin species, such as the Emperor penguin, the Adelie penguin, the Rockhopper penguin, and many, many more. Only tow species actually live in Antarctica the Emperor and the Adelie.

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Q: What are the penguin kinds?
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How many different kinds of penguin are there?

17 kinds of diffrent penguins

What are the three kinds of penguins that use the Atlantic Peninsula and nearby islands for rookeries?

The Emperor penguin, the Adele penguin and the Chinstrap penguin.

What are the kinds of groups of penguins?

a penguin is a bird so yea......

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Discription of a penguin?

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What are all the breeds of penguins?

there are all kinds but I only know some the macaroni penguin and the little blue.

How many penguins are there in a penguin colony?

There are 17 different kinds of penguins that live on different continents, all in the southern hemisphere. Depending on the type of penguin, several hundred to several thousand.

What are the names of the different kinds of penguins?

There are 17-20 penguins alive although some scientists debate that some are subspecies and others say there different species so 17-20 is the number. 1.King Penguin 2.Emperor Penguin 3.Adélie Penguin 4.Chinstrap Penguin 5.Gentoo Penguin 6.Little Penguin 7.White-flippered Penguin 8.Magellanic Penguin 9.Humboldt Penguin 10.Galapagos Penguin 11.African Penguin 12.Yellow-eyed Penguin 13.Fiordland Crested Penguin 14.Snares Penguin 15.Erect-crested Penguin 16.Western Rockhopper Penguin 17.Eastern Rockhopper Penguin 18.Northern Rockhopper Penguin 19.Royal Penguin 20.Macaroni Penguin

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Is there any other club than club penguin?

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Name 5 kinds of flightless birds at the Singapore zoological gardens?

The 5 birds are ostrich, emu, cassowary, penguin and kiwi.

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