What are the people called that disarm bombs?

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Members of the "bomb squad" disable bombs. Usually, these workers are police officers who have additional training with explosives and how to disarm a wide variety of devices. One team members might also work with a "bomb sniffing dog" and the dog is considered part of the police force also, even though a canine, just like other police dogs are part of the force.
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How does Spider-Man disarm the bomb in Spider-Man 2?

Answer . In Spider-man 2 Doc Ock goes in the the water and carries the bomb to the depths saving the city plus sacrificing himself.. It wasn't a bomb it was a fusion react

How do i disarm a bomb?

disarming a bomb depends on the type of ordnance (dont try it) dont be dumb BUT IF YOU NEED TO KNOW HERE GOES if you happen to see one, First you run away (as far and fast

How do you disarm the bomb in fallout 3?

To disarm the Megaton bomb, you must reach an Explosives skill level of 25. When you do, go up to the bomb and interact with it. You can then disarm it, rig it to explode, or

On GTA4 how do you disarm people?

when the person you are fighting attemps to lung or hit you press B or Y and it should counter it and you will have the weapon :)

Can a bomb disarm another about to be set off?

Its not exactly disarming, but it can be considered disabling. . In nuclear weapons its called "fratricide". One weapon detonating before another close by can disable 2nd b

How do you disarm an atomic bomb?

Figure out a way to remove the nuclear material, and there will be no reaction. Unfortunately, atomic bombs are usually dropped from the sky, detonating on impact.
In Minecraft

How do you disarm people in minecraft?

The only way to disarm people in Minecraft is to join a Multiplayer server with the Bukkit plugin "mcMMO" enabled. That way you can increase your unarmed level to enable you