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What are the people in US like?


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March 17, 2011 11:39PM

Some are good and some bad.

A few are very rich and some are very poor.

Some are patriotic and some are less than patriotic.

Most are hard working and a few are leeches.

Many are good looking, most are mediocre and a rare few are uglier then sin.

Most are kind, a rare few are downright mean.

Most are overweight.

Some are bright or at least well informed and a few can't tell you the time of day.

A rare few have genuine talent. Most wish they had a talent.

A few are superb athletes, some pretend to be, most are well below average.

Some are neat and tidy and a rare few are slobs.

Some frown and some scowl.

A few are scholars, many could become scholars, a few just don't give a hoot.

US people, for the most part are virtually identical to Aussies, Belgians, Canadians, Danes, Ethiopians, French, German, Haitians, Irish, Jordanians, Kuwaitis, Lebanese, Monacans, Nigerians, Omanis, Portuguese, Qataris, Romanians, Samoans, Turks, Uzbek's, Vietnamese, Welsh, or XYZ.

The differences in people genetically is minute. We are all one Village.

Good answer, as long as one doesn't define unpatriotic as someone who acknowledges problems in our society, and asks for change, and as long as one doesn't define anyone who is out of a job as a leech.