What are the people of Ghana called?

Ghana has ten regions. Each region has a majority tribe of its own.The Northern Region has its people known as Dogombas. The Upper East Region comprises of a tribe called Mamprusi and the Upper West Region is a tribe called Frafra. Down the Frafra's to the south, is a region called Brong Ahafo, they speaka language known in Ghana as Brong. The Ashanti's occupies the whole of the Ashanti region, and they are part of the tribe that forms the majority speaking Akan language. West to the Ashanti region is a tribe called the Adansi's. They also speak the Akan language with a slight dialect. The Fante's share's boundary with the Adansi's and they are at an area right down at the western coast of the country. In Accra which is thecapital, lived another tribe known as the Ga's.East to the Ga's along the coast is another tribe known as Ada The south eastern portion of Ghana which borders the Republic of Togo is another group of people called the Ewe. Ghana compromises of various tribes some of the languages of which are dialects. However the Akan language is the majority tribe in the country.