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What are wolves adaptations?

Adaptations are what does the wolve learn how to do or accomplish to survive. (behavioral adaptations) And physical adaptations are basically physical characteristics that help it survive.

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The colour of their coat helps them camoflage at night or in the dark to help them hunt and it also makes it easier to sneak up on prey. The wolf aslo has very strong legs that help it run extremely fast which also alows them to hunt with more efficiency. This also helps them escape from hunters or any predator that's after them.

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What are the behavioral and physical adaptations of wolves?

I don't know so read somthing! or go to a different website i am trying to write a book

What is a Wolves habitat?


What is a Arctic wolves habitat?

it's habitat is a Coniferous forest.

What habitat do wolves prefer?

out in forest

What is The Gray Wolves Habitat?

a cave

What is in a gray wolf's habitat?

A Gray Wolves habitat is found mostly in the Northern Hemisphere you can not find Gray Wolves in tropical areas.

How does a wolves secure its habitat?

Wolves, like dogs, mark out their territory with urine.

Are arctic wolves in danger of extinction?

The wolves are endangered because we are destroying their habitat.

What is the plural possessive form of wolves?

The possessive form for the plural noun wolves is wolves'.Example:The wolves' habitat is shrinking steadily.

What kind adaptations do wolves have?

They are adapted to survive in their ecosystem.

What is the habitat of Arctic wolves?

Snowy tundra

How do wolves stay a way from their predators?

Wolves are apex predators and have no predators in their habitat.

How do wolves adapt to their habitat?

wolves adapt their environment by going to a place to hunt and in order to survive.

How are Arctic wolves endangered?

wolves are shot for their fur and to protect livestock from being eaten by the wolves. another reason is that the wolves are being forced out of their natural habitat.

What is the werewolves habitat?

It is the forest. A real wolves home.

What are the wolves' natural habitat?

Molineux stadium

In what kind of habitat do gray wolves live?


What are animals that share a habitat with gray wolves?


What are the problems in a wolves habitat?

Well, the main things are that people hunt, them and their habitat is decreasing. Got it?

What is a wolves habitat like?

The habitat of the wolf also has to have some cover although choice of habitat relies mainly on availability of prey.

What are some behavioral adaptations of gray wolves?

Gray wolves love their adaptions unless they have prdators as their next door neighbor

Do gray wolves change their habitat?

Only when forced out by development.

How do Arctic wolves use camouflage in their habitat?

They hide in the snow.

What can scientists do to save gray wolves?

Scientists can probably save gray wolves by putting them in their habitat and letting them stay there.

What kind of habitat do red wolves live in?

Red wolves live in wetlands,soggy areas and foresty areas