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physical features are features in which you can observe by your eyes.


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The physical features of Indiana are the mountains,lakes,rivers,etc...

Physical features of Finland are for instance, its lakes and forests

some important physical features of Norway are lakes, mountains and rivers

Some physical features of Pennsylvania are mountains, lakes, and the ocean.

Physical features of an environment are things that can be seen by the eye. Some of these features are mountains, valleys, forests, and lakes.

Physical features on the map are those that show you the mountains, lakes, rivers, plateaus, etc.

Physical features such as mountains, lakes, rivers, plateaus, and other environmental features.

Hills, plateaus, plains, mountains, lakes, rivers and the Black Sea are the physical features in Romania.

It is the mountain ,rivers ,and lakes.

there are 66 rivers and 4 lakes

Lakes, mountains, rivers, etc

Some physical features of Atlantic Canada are rocky, hilly, and is known for its many lakes and rivers.

There are a wide variety of physical features of Colorado. Some of these include mountains, lakes, rivers, and grassy meadows.

hello em sundus the physical features of pakistan are the highest peaks of pakistan and lakes also.........

An important physical feature are the great lakes of Michigan.

forest, rivers, mountains, and lakes.

i think its the mountains, lakes and that stuff.

Lakes, rivers, and mountain ranges.

the physical features of the great lakes-st. lawrence lowlands are :low,flat lands and gently sloping hills<3

Denmark has several physical features. They have the Jutland Peninsula, the LimFjord, several islands, and many more rivers and lakes.

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