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When a pitcher throws a curve ball he grips the ball with his fingers to impart spin on the ball when he thows it toward the batter. This gives the ball two motions i.e. forword velocity and spin. If the spin axis is in the vertical plane (i.e. updown )the pitch will rise if it is spining clockwise (i.e. toward batter) and fall if counterclockwise(i.e. away from the batter). If the spin is in the horizontal plane clockwise spin will(i.e. toward the batter)the ball will cause the ball to move toward the 3rd base side of the batter. If the spin is clockwise (i.e away from the batter) the ball will move toward the 1st base side of the batter. The reason for the ball movement is the air is moving over one side of the ball faster then the other causing lift or a aerodynamic force in the direction of movement. This force is caused by the spin on the ball. Think about the air on one side as moving at the speed of ball forward velocity plus the spin velocity and the other side as moving at ball forword velocity less the spin velocity. Various grips, arm positions, release points will then make the ball look like it is a dancing curve.

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What are the physics behind a curveball?

Not entirely sure what a curveball is, but the physics behind it is quite simple. When a pitcher throws the ball, it goes straight, but gravity is also pulling it down. Since it is goiig forward, it creates a downward curve. To make it go left or right, just position yourself on the opposite side of the position you choose.

How do you hold a curve ball in baseball?

Check the 'Throwing a Curve Ball' link to learn about the mechanics of a curve ball.

What is parabola in physics?

a curve

What science is in baseball?

physics, physics, physics. the laws of phisics are extremly importent in base ball. when you throw a baseball, the outward force , of your hand, propels the ball at a tremendous speed, if you you're a good pitcher. a curve ball is all science. in a curve ball, the pitcher throws a ball in such a way to spin the ball like a top. this spinning causes increased friction with the air on one side and reduced friction on the other. the increased friction also causes increased pressure. the pressurizzed air wants to go the lower pressure on the other side, which forces the ball to the left or right

What is the nickname for a curve ball?

There are types of curve balls one being the backdoor curve ball.

What are all the pitches in softball?

Fast ball, curve ball, drop ball, screw ball, rise ball, change up, curve drop, off speed curve.

What is the physics behind why a ball rolls faster on grass than dirt?

I think it is because of friction

Does a curve ball really curve?

Yes, the curve ball curves. This is because of the way the ball is thrown, which is a kind of a spin/jerky fast motion.

A cross between fast ball and curve ball?

A cross between a fast ball and a curve ball is called a slider.

A ball rolls down a spiral track?

One experiment used in Physics is a ball rolling down a spiral track. When the ball gets to the end, it will go straight off because the curve of the track is gone.

What is a fast ball and curve ball mixed together called?

When a fast ball and curve ball are mixed together it is called a slider.

How do you kick curve ball in fifa online 2?

you curve the ball by shooting the ball n curve either right or left with the left or right arrow keyz

What physics are behind the Super Bowl?

no physics

What is fast ball?

A fast ball is when the pitchers throws the ball straight at the strike zone, it doesn't curve (curve ball) or lower (slider), it goes straight ahead.

What make a curve ball curve when you throw it?

Three things affect the trajectory of a curve ball: Coriolis effect, gravity and precession AKA spin drift.

What does He was behind the curve ball on that one mean?

It means that someone has mixed up three different expressions. One is "to be put behind the eight ball," which is an allusion to the game of pool, meaning to be placed in an awkward, difficult or untenable position. The second expression is to "throw someone a curve ball," which is an allusion to the game of baseball, meaning to suddenly introduce unexpected difficulties for someone. Third is to be "behind the curve," an allusion to graphs, meaning not at the leading edge of things, out of it, slow or stupid. As to what the sentence is TRYING to mean, that's anyone's guess. Maybe its intended meaning is He really dropped the ball that time, or He messed up hugely there.

Why do curveballs curve?

The friction of the seams with the air causes the ball to curve

Why do left-handed pitchers ball curve?

If a southpaw is pitching the ball will curve slightly more because everyone has a muscle that is stronger in their left arm than right. The ball won't curve on it's own, it is probably a curve, slider, or spitball (illegal).

A cross between a fast ball and a curve ball?


This bowling shot does not curve?

The straight ball.

How far behind the home plate is the strike zone?

A pitched ball is ruled either a ball or strike based on whether or not it has passed over home plate. Extend the surface of home plate upwards, and that is the zone through which the ball must pass. If a pitched ball does not pass over home plate, but is still caught directly behind home plate (curve ball) it is a ball.

What is physics of a paperairplane?

the physics behind paper airplane is of aerodynamics

Where do you hit the soccer ball at to curve it?

To curve it right to left, hit the ball with the inside of your foot on the bottom right hand side of the ball. To curve the ball left to right, hit the ball with the outside of your foot, on the bottom left of the ball. Yes that's correct,but if you want more power hit it with the tip of your foot.

Which finger on a pictures hand controls a curve ball and a slider?

which fingers on a pitcher's throwing hand controls a curve ball and a slider

Does Bucket Ball use real physics?

Bucket Ball do utilize real physics. Bucket Ball is a physics game with a lot of action. It is a fun game to play. It has been played by many individuals.