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Not entirely sure what a curveball is, but the physics behind it is quite simple.

When a pitcher throws the ball, it goes straight, but gravity is also pulling it down.

Since it is goiig forward, it creates a downward curve.

To make it go left or right, just position yourself on the opposite side of the position you choose.

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How fast is jennie finch's curveball?

Jennie Finch doesn't have a curveball !

Which pitch is faster curveball or knuckleball?

A curveball is faster. Average speed for curveball ~85 mph. Average speed knuckleball ~65 mph.

Who was the first pitcher to throw a curveball?

sandy kofaux was the first to perfect the curveball

When was Curveball - informant - born?

Curveball - informant - was born in 1968.

In what sport would you perform a 'Curveball'?

You can perform a curveball in many sports, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, almost every sport that contains a ball

What is a hanging curveball?

A hanging curveball is a curveball that is thrown in a way that makes it easier to hit. A good example of one is a slow curveball that is thrown down the middle. If you get one of these babies thrown to you while your at the plate, swing at it. It is an easy pitch to crush for a dinger or at least a double.

How does Stephen Strasburg hold his curveball?

Kind of like a sinker but his fingers are a little bit higher on the seams. So his fingers are about in between a curveball and a sinker. And I am talking about the traditonal grip for a curveball.

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Does a curveball really curve?


As a type of pitch what is a slider?


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What type of curveball a 12 6 curveball or sweeping curveball?

A 12-6 curveball is a breaking ball that has only downwards movement. However, it's unlike a sinker in that a sinker breaks at a sort of right angle while a 12-6 is in more of an arc and generally breaks harder and more. It's a very effective pitch to throw.

What are the pitches that a MLB players can throw?

4-seam fastball 2-seam fastball/sinker splitfinger fastball/splitter slider changeup curveball slurve (curveball+slider combination)

What are the release dates for Curveball - 2013 I?

Curveball - 2013 I was released on: USA: 31 May 2013 (Los Angeles, California) (premiere)

What pitch is known as the uncle charlie?


Why is a curveball so hard to hit?

This is because of an optical illusion. If you look at a curveball, it looks like it's coming stragiht at you, but it's actually curving.

What is a curve ball in baseball?

A curveball is a type of pitch in baseball that actually curves as it reaches home plate. A curveball is not a good pitch for young children to throw, because to throw a curveball, you must flick your wrist, which is not good for a young child's wrist. There have been debates on whether a curveball actually curves, or if the pitch actually curves when it reaches the plate. Some nicknames for a curveball are "the bender," "the hook," "Uncle Charlie," "the hammer," "the yakker," "Public Enemy Number 1," or "a breaking pitch."

In baseball what is the difference between a slider and a curveball?

The main difference between a slider and curveball is the way that they move. Imagine your throwing a slider at a clock. It would go from 3 to 9. However, if you were to throw a curveball at a clock it would go from about 1:30 to 7:30.

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