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depends on what type of catapult:


lowering the throwing arm raises the weighted end, increasing the gravitational potential of the weighted end. when the catapult is released, gravitational potential energy is turned into kenetic energy thus overcoming the inertia of the projectile. This builds velocity and momentum on the projectile...because the mass of the projectile is free from the catapult and ultimately from the ground, the throwing arm is slowed quicker than the projectile throwing the projectile.


This is the kind of catapult you see in medieval movies and a deviation of this kind is the one made My Leonardo DaVinci as seen on "Doing DaVinci" on Discovery. This time, lowering the throwing arm creates elastic potential energy through a system of ropes (or in DaVinci's case, a bow). When the catapult is fired, the latch releases the arm and the elastic potential energy is converted into, again, kenetic energy the bar on the catapult then stops the throwing arm and the projectile carries its momentum and velocity.

After this the projectiles of the catapults are the same. The projectiles then move in an arc which can be determined using the angle of release, release velocity and a little trig. The projectile flies at a constant velocity in the x direction (negating air resistance) while the velocity in the y direction is countered (or applied depending on the release angle) until the projectile is brought to the ground. NOTE: the projectile is subject to rotational movement while flying as well. After the projectile is brought to the ground, friction works against momentum to bring the kenetic energy back to 0 in which the projectile comes to rest.

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How are Catapults related to physics?

it is an example of force=speed X acceleration

What physics concepts are in catapults?

The physics concepts associated with catapults are related to different forms of stored energy or potential energy, including torsion, tension, and gravity. In medieval times, catapults were utilized like giant slingshots and consisted of mechanisms like ropes or springs that provided tension, movable arms, and baskets for hurling projectiles over long distances.

What are the physics behind catapults?

Some catapults use the stored tension of a rope to eject their load ex: manogel . others used a huge couterweight on one end to fling the load.

How is science involved with catapults?

physics is involved in building a catapult. You need to have an amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing understanding of math physics and engineering and neeeching um john.

Did the Greeks use catapults?

Yes. They have used the catapults.

Who were catapults used by?

The Catapults were used by the medieval Greeks and Romans.

Did the army of ancient Sparta have catapults?

yes they use catapults

What were medieval catapults made out of?

Medieval catapults were made out of wood and steel. Sometimes sections of the catapults were covered in brass to protect them.

When were catapults used?

Some catapults were used in the middle ages to try and get into Medieval Castles. The Romans had catapults. I had a hand catapult when I was a youngster.

How many different types of catapults are there?

there are 5 different types of catapults.

What are catapults used for today?

catapults are basically used for soccer and futbol

What were catapults used for in W W 2?

Catapults were not used in WW2

What did the ancient Greeks use catapults for?

they used these catapults for war and destruction!

What were 2 wars catapults used in?

The catapults have been used in many wars

What are the forces acting on catapults?

Gravity and air resistance are key forces acting on most catapults. Depending on the type of catapult, there will also be either tension or torsion. Both are forms of elasticity. Catapults with torsion acting on them are usually ballistas while catapults with tension acting on them are simply called catapults.

Where were catapults made?

Catapults were common over most of the Western world and around the Mediterranean.

How does the catapults play a role in video games?

Catapults are useful to get an attack with more range.

Why do you use catapults?

Catapults were useed to throw things over castle walls to kill your enemy.

What material were ancient catapults made from?

catapults are made out of rope wood and maybe animal hide

Why do bigger catapults launch objects farther than smaller catapults?

More stored energy

When did catapults stop being used?

The last time catapults were used on a large scale was during WW1. The soldiers would use catapults to launch grenades into enemies lines.

What did ancient egyptians use to make catapults?

They didn't. Catapults and balista's were first used in the roman empire.

How you can get blueprints for catapults?


When were catapults made?


Did the renaissance have catapults?


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