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Some of the Pika's predators are: bobcats, coyotes, eagles, hawks, foxes, and weasel's.

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Q: What are the pika's predators?
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What is the American pika's prey and predators?

Pikas are herbivore's, they eat mainly grasses, and seeds.

How many pikas in a pikas litter?

4 to 5 little pikas a litter<3

Are pikas omnivores?

Yes pikas are omnivores

Do pikas have tails?

pikas do not hae tails

How do pikas protect themselves?

Avoidance. They form colonies and maintain a constant watch for predators. When a predator is seen an alarm call will be raised.

Are Pikas real?

Of course pikas are real. Why wouldn't they be?

How tall is Alexander Pikas?

Alexander Pikas is 5' 10".

How tall is Heather Pikas?

Heather Pikas is 5' 7".

When was Anatol Pikas born?

Anatol Pikas was born in 1928.

What is a pikas?

a pikas is a small like animal related to the rodent family.

How many pikas are left?

It is currently unknown right now but studies show that at 25 sites where pikas were plentiful temperature seven sites were wiped out of pikas and no someone one said that pikas die if their body tempatures rise above 80 degrees the pikas average temperature is 103 or 104 degrees

What is the scientific name for the Rabbits hares pikas?

Rabbits, hares, and pikas are known as Lagomorphs.

How many American Pikas are captured?

5,000 pikas left in the world chava blanks

Is an American pikas a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

Being mammals, pikas are vertebrates - they have a bony spine.

Are pikas endangerd?

Sadly, yes because there are only 5,000 Pikas left in the world. :(

Why are Pikas endangered?

They are not

Why don't pikas have tails?

There are a number of reasons why Pikas do not have tails. These creatures are too young to have tails.

What do pikas eat?

They are strict herbivores. Pikas tend to eat grass, forbs, lichens, and seeds.

Where do pikas live?

Pikas live in the mountains in western North America, and also in Asia somewhere.

What do pikas eat that starts with m?

Pikas are small mammals. They eat moss and plant matter.

Pikas are endangered because of global warming?

Pikas are not endangered by global warming. If pikas get overheated when the temperature is over 80 degrees fahrenheit, they crawl under rocks. Pikas can live in cold places and at high altitude. They are not even close to being endangered species.

What color are pikas?

Pikas are a tannish-brown. Their undersides are lighter. Their noses are dark brown, and their eyes are black.

What are facts about pikas?

there are herbivores

When was Alexander Pikas born?

Alexander Pikas was born on July 6, 1973, in Buffalo, New York, USA.

What hunts pikas?

Animals that hunt pikas include:eagleshawkscoyotesbobcatsfoxesweasels:) hope I helped