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  1. Jupiter 9.84 Earth hours
  2. Saturn 10.2 Earth hours
  3. Uranus 17.9 Earth hours
  4. Neptune 19.1 Earth hours
  5. Earth 24 hours
  6. Mars 24.6 Earth hours
  7. Mercury 58.7 Earth days
  8. Venus 243 Earth days
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Longest day: Venus. Shortest day: Jupiter.

Mercury or Venus is longest (depending on the definition of "day" used) and Jupiter is shortest.

Shortest : Jupiter. Longest : Mercury or Venus, depending on which definition of "day" you use.

(The year is proportional to the distance to the power 1.5) In our solar system, Mercury has the shortest year. Neptune has the longest.

well think about it the planets closer to the sun have the fastest orbit so knowing that the planets are already in order from shortest to longest orbit.

Neptune,Earth,Jupiter,Saturn,Pluto ext................

Mercury is the shortest and Neptune is the longest

The order of the planets closest to the sun to furthest away gives you the order of planets starting with the shortest orbit time to the longest orbit time. This is due to Kepler's third law, which states that the orbit time increases as the distance from the sun increases. Mercury is the closest planet, therefore it has the shortest orbit time. Next is Venus, then Earth, then Mars, then Jupiter, then Saturn, then Uranus, and finally Neptune, because it is the farthest away from the sun.

The inner planets are dense, small, rocky, and have long rotations, with short revolutions. The outer planets are gases, low density, have rings, large, and have short rotations, long revolutions:D


Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

The day with the longest daylight (shortest night) is the 21st of June.

It is Isaiah the longest and Haggai the shortest books.

The longest is Cambodian with 74 letters. The shortest is Rotokas which has only 12 letters.

In visible light, the color RED has the longest wavelength and VIOLET has the shortest.

You divide the length of the shortest side by the length of the longest side.

Red has the longest wavelength and Violet, the shortest, within the visible spectrum

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