What are the points of interest in Vermont that make Vermont so unique that people would want to move there?

Originally inhabited by Native American tribes (Abenaki and Iroquois), much of the territory that is now Vermont was claimed byFrance but became a British possession after France's defeat in the French and Indian War. For many years, the surroundingcolonies disputed control of the area (referred to at the time as the New Hampshire Grants) especially New Hampshire and New York. Settlers who held land titles granted by these colonies were opposed by the Green Mountain Boys militia, which eventually prevailed in creating an independent state, the Vermont Republic, founded during the Revolutionary War and lasting for fourteen years; Vermont is thus one of five U.S. states (along with Texas, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and the brief California Republic) to have, at one point, existed as its own sovereign government. In 1791, Vermont joined the United States as the fourteenth state, and the first outside the original Thirteen Colonies.

It is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States. The state capital is Montpelier, and the largest city and metropolitan area is Burlington. No other state has a largest city as small as Burlington, or a capital city as small as Montpelier. It has the second smallest state population in the U.S., lots of beautiful wilderness, and beer.

Vermont has the highest number of breweries per capita of any state.

But mostly, people come for the mountains. Excellent views, and some fantastic ski slopes, reported by some people as a few of the best in the country.