What are the political periods into which ancient Egyptian history is divided?

There was a period with 3 dynasties during which the king of Egypt became an absolute ruler not only over citizens but over religion as well.

There came the period of Old Kingdom: 2700-2200BC. The major pyramids were built in this period. The capital city was Memphis.

Next was an intermediate period: the period of fragmentation.

Next came the Middle Kingdom: from 2050 to 1750BC.

The New Kingdom lasted from 1550 to 1050. It was an age of expansion, the fight for Palestine. The capital was Thebes.

During th Middle Kingdom a short period called the Amarna period was marked with Akhenaten founding a new monotheistic religion and building a new capital (Akhetaten).

Late period: from 650 to332. (From about the 26th dynasty to Alexander the Great. )

There came a period of Ptolemaic Dynasty with the capital of Alexandria.

The end can be the when Rome occupied Egypt in 30 BC.