What are the population of Tokyo in year 2009?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What are the population of Tokyo in year 2009?
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What is Tokyo poplulation?

The population in Tokyo as of April 2009 was 12,942,366 and could possibly reach 13 million within a year.

What is Tokyo's population in 2009?

Tokyos population in 2009 in 12,942,366 :)

What was the population in Japan in 1941?

105 million

How many people live's Tokyo?

As of October 2009 the population of Tokyo was estimated to be at 12.989 million. That's about 10% of Japan's population.

What is the latest population size of the tokyo as of 2009?

7. Just, 7.

What is the population of Tokyo 2012?

The population in Tokyo is approximately 13.2 million. There's not an official estimate yet. However, there have been a small but sustained increase in the population since 2005. Year - Pop. (millions) 2005 - 12.58 2006 - 12.68 2007 - 12.79 2008 - 12.90 2009 - 12.99 2010 - 13.16 2011 - 13.19

What is Tokyo Electron's population?

Tokyo Electron's population is 2,011.

What is the population of Tokyo Electron?

Tokyo Electron's population is 10,343.

What is Western Tokyo's population?

Western Tokyo's population is 4,128,111.

What is the population in Malaysia year 2009?

Population:25,715,819 (July 2009 est.)

How many population of the Philippines year 1999 to 2009?

Philippines population 1999-2009

How big is Tokyo's population?

Tokyo's population is over 12 million people.