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What are the positive and negative impacts of multipurpose river valley projects?


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The positive impacts are demonstrated in the following possible benefits and uses of the multipurpose river valley projects:

  • provides work
  • eliminates flooding
  • provides power
  • provides water for human consumption
  • helps to conserve water
  • provides water for agriculture
  • provides water for industrial uses
  • provides for a fishery where one may not have existed before
  • changes the ecology of the region
  • opens new areas to agriculture

Negative impacts may include:

  • they lead to the displacement of human, plants, animals, chiefly from small tribal communities;
  • disrupt downstream fisheries;
  • increase the risk of earthquakes;
  • submerge forest land;
  • increase the spread of insect-borne diseases; and
  • threaten the fragile regional ecosystem through reducing, the flow of water from the rivers into the seas.
  • These projects initially devastate human lives and biodiversity by inundating thousands of acres of forests and agricultural land.
  • They degrade the fertile agricultural soils due to continuous irrigation (rather the seasonal irrigation which is dependent on the monsoon), and salinization, making the soil toxic to many plant species.

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