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The semen could be introduced with penetration of the penis into your vagina, this is called sexual intercourse.

Also semen can be introduced with the fingers, that is when your boyfriend has semen on his fingers and then he sticks his finger into your vagina.

Every other act of sex cannot get you pregnant.

Answer: One other possibilities:

medical intervention (artificial insemination-eggs and sperm unite, both parties are not necessarily present)

In vitro fertilisation is also an option

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The chances of getting chlamydia from having sex with someone who has it are about 40-60% each time you have sex. It's possible, then, to get pregnant without getting chlamydia, even if the male who got you pregnant had it when you had sex.

very high. anytime you hac=ve sex without protection it is possible to get pregnant

Same as without. You can't have sex with a tampon in. It can harm you and you might not get it out.

If you have sex without protection you can get pregnant

Infertility is defined as not getting pregnant after having sex for a year without birth control and without getting pregnant. See your health care provider for evaluation and discussion of options.

You can have sex without getting pregnant, even without using birth control. But, of course, having sex greatly increases the odds of becoming pregnant.

You must have sex to be pregnant.

the chances of getting pregnant is if you actually have unprotected sex and the sperm does reach the egg. if you have not had sex, you wont be pregnant

If you have been having sex without birth control for a year without getting pregnant, see your health care provider for advice and an exam. The implant does not affect future fertility.

Contrary to popular belief, you can get pregnant even while on your period. There are no safe days to have sex without getting pregnant. If you do not wish to get pregnant, always use protection.

10 possibilities are, if you have unprotected sex, you have sex during your ovulation phase, you take fertility pills and have sex, you are of mature enough age to get pregnant, you didn't use a condom, you didn't use birth controll,you had sex, you made out and a male ejaculated next your vagina, a male ejaculated inside you. you where trying to get pregnant. those are 10 possibilitys that you might get pregant.

Every time you have sex there is a chance of getting pregnant. With other forms of contraception the risk is lower but there is always a chance. If 100 couples have sex without birth control over the course of a year, 85 will have a pregnancy.

There's still a chance you can get pregnant, so I wouldn't recommend it.

If you mean getting pregnant from sex a year after that sex, then no. But if you mean having unprotected sex for an entire year, then yes, you might get pregnant by then if not before then.

There's a 2% chance your pregnant if you had sex 5 days before or after your period.

You can get pregnant by Atificial Insemination without ever having sex.

You're not pregnant!!! Congratulations!!!!

Answer: yes you wear a condom Answer: Yes, it is possible. But every time you have sex, there is a risk.

Very high. This is the best day to have sex if you want to get pregnant, and the worst day to have sex if you don't want to get pregnant.

When you have sex without protection.

Have sex with her without a condom.

There's no trick to getting pregnannt after stopping hormonal birth control. Just have sex without protection.

Sterilisation or not having vaginal sex.

Cats - like humans - can have sex w/o getting pregnant. Not all mating results in pregnancies. But they can't get pregnant w/o having sex - or artificial insemination.

No but it is illegal for a minor to have sex and for someone else to have sex with a minor and to get her pregnant. Whether there will be a penalty for the person getting her pregnant depends on his age.

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