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There are many benefits of taking out a health insurance savings account as compared to purchasing ordinary health insurance. One of the best benefits is the possibility of interest growth in the savings account as well as not having to purchase it all at once.

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Return-of-premium life insurance is like an ordinary life insurance policy, but payments made on premiums are returned to the insured individual if the policy ends and they are still alive. Thus, return-of-premium life insurance policies do not punish one for outliving their life insurance. The average such policy might cost 25% to 50% more in premiums, compared to an ordinary life insurance policy.

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Actually, whole life insurance policy other than endowment,single premia or ulip policy can be called ordinary life insurance policy.

With Disability insurance, the taxation of benefits is based on how the premiums were paid. If the premiums are tax deducted, then benefits will be taxable as ordinary income. However, if the premiums were not tax deducted (meaning paid with after-tax dollars), the benefits will not be subject to income tax.

If the Long-Term Disability benefits you receive are from a company sponsored program, the taxation is dependent on whether your employer pays the premiums. Assuming that your employer pays for and provides the insurance to you, then the benefits you receive are taxable as ordinary income.

Term life insurance, or otherwise known as pure life insurance protection.

There are four major categories of life insurance: ordinary, group, industrial, and credit

Straight / Ordinary life insurance usually means that the death benefit and the premium payments are fixed for the lifetime of the insured. Examples of this is what is known as a "whole life policy." It's not the most economical way to buy insurance, but it's certainly predictable.

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Preference shares are fixed income shares that are not the success of a company. The benefits of a preference shares are that shareholders will have first priory over ordinary shareholders. The disadvantages are shares compared to other shares are that the return is limited.

More than doubling from 1985 to 1995, there was $7.5 trillion of ordinary life insurance in force in the United States at the end of 1995, with whole life insurance accounting for more than half of that total.

The benefit for purchasing directly from suppliers will benefit the purchaser because the product is cheaper than going to an ordinary outlet. As the ordinary outlet would have purchased there product from the supplier then raised the price so they can make a profit. But when you purchase from the supplier you only covering their profit. Therefore it is cheaper

DO FIREFIGHTERS NEED MEDICAL INSURANCE?Yes. In fact there insurance is way more than another ordinary person because every day there is a possibility they could die.

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Most ordinary homeowners insurance policies do not cover the policy holder against earthquake damage. However, additional policies can be taken called earthquake insurance to cover people's property against earthquakes.