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It is possible the throttle body butterfly is sticky and not opening correctly. To fix it get a throttle body brush($1.99 at the store) and clean the carbon or dirt out of the throttle body. You can get to the butterfly through the air intake. screwdriver removes the hose clamp. Use a degreaser like crc or brake cleaner to clean out the exact area where the butterfly seats and scrub the area with brush. When you start it it will smoke and smell funny for a minute then clear up. This is common on a lot of Fuel injection systems. 5 minute job

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What does code p1545 on 99 Audi a4 mean?

Throttle Valve Controller: MalfunctionPossible SymptomsIncreased Idle SpeedBucking at Load ChangePossible CausesThrottle Body dirtyThrottle Body Wiring faultyThrottle Body faultyPossible SolutionsClean Throttle BodyCheck Throttle Body WiringCheck Throttle Body

What causes the electronic throttle light to come on in a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country?

The electronic throttle control light stays on when the engine computer detects a malfunction related to the throttle system. You need to have the system checked for codes to know possible causes.

What does 2002 Camry error code P1128 mean?

P1128 TOYOTA - Throttle Control Motor Lock MalfunctionPossible causes, Faulty Throttle Control Motor,Throttle Control Motor harness is open or shorted,Throttle Control Motor circuit poor electrical connection

What causes air injection system pressure to be stuck in cars?

what causes air injection system pressure to be stucked in cars

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Why does your thundercat jerk on a steady throttle in all gears?

what causes my thunsercat to jerk in all gears on a steady throttle?

How do you fix the electrical throttle control in a 2009 Chrysler Sebring?

The first step is having the computer checked for codes. When you know the failure code you can diagnose for possible causes.

What causes a 1999 Cougar engine stall when coasting?

The TPS (throttle position sensor) has gone bad on your throttle body.

What causes throttle body damage?

Damage to the throttle body is caused by corrosion or direct impacts. A loose connection can cause nearby components to strike and damage the throttle body.

What defect of injector causes late injection in marine diesel engines?

the camshaft timing will cause the late injection process

What is meant by causes and effects?

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How to clean out flooded carburetors?

If it's repeatedly flooding, you need to have the carburetor rebuilt. At the very least the needle and seat are leaking and possibly stuck open. If it runs well most of the time and it just floods occasionally, hold the throttle to the floor and don't let it move while you try to start the engine. When the throttle is part way up, the choke causes a lot of fuel to be drawn in, flooding the engine. When the throttle is all the way down, the choke opens up a bit, letting more air in and cuts back on the fuel. Also, every time you step down on the throttle, you pump a little more fuel into the engine, so if it's flooded, just hold it down and don't let the accellerator pump make it worse.

What causes a car to stumble on part throttle?

its the sound of the pistons stroking.

What causes your van to accelerate on its own and the gas pedal to stick?

you probably have a worn out throttle cable. replace as soon as possible before you have a wreck. they are usually $20.-30 for new one.

When the malfunction light along with electronic throttle control comes on what does that mean?

It means that the computer has detected a malfunction and set a code. You will need to have it checked with a scan tool to know possible causes.

What causes a 1999 Jeep to run full throttle when started without the gas pedal being touched?

stuck throttle butterfly plate

Why would the 4.3 pop through the throttle body?

Possible causes, mixed up spark plug wires, wet/damp spark plug wires, a bad distributor cap and/or rotor and a burned intake valve could cause the 4.3 to pop through the throttle body.

Definition of possible causes of laboratory accidents?

some possible causes are careless and..............

What are common causes of very high idle speed on 1994 S-10 Blazer with 4.3 liter central port injection?

Perhaps a stuck throttle plate - try to free with a screw driver The throttle position sensor is also notorious for causing this as well. A vacuum leak can also cause high idle speed, but the vehicle will generally run rough as well.

What causes a misfire on totota celica vvti when engine hot?

its the throttle position sensor

What causes hesitation when accelerating 2006 dodge charger?

A dirty throttle body will cause that.

What causes your throttle to stick when the engine is hot on an 88 f150?

Your throttle linkage may be sticking. You can try spraying it with wd40 to loosen it up usually near the carburator.

What is the fuel throttle?

You know how when you press on the gas pedal the car goes faster? The throttle is the part of the engine assembly that opens to let more air into the engine and simultaneously sends in more fuel, thereby making the engine put out more power, making the wheels go faster. On injected vehicles an air valve assembly is connected to the throttle mechanism to allow more air when the gas pedal is pushed. At the same time, a throttle position sensor determines how much you have pressed the pedal and the computer, sensing the positon change, causes the injectors to deliver the appropriate amount of fuel into the throttle-body or manifold (depending on the type of injection system).

Can it be the heat sensor on the vehicle that can light up the check engine light?

That is one of dozens of possible causes.That is one of dozens of possible causes.

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