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What are the potential negative reactions one could have to acrylic dentures?


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Dentures are generally made from 3 parts PMMA (polymethylmethacrolate) powder to 1 part MMA (methylmethacrolate) monomer or liquid. It is mixed into a dough like state where it is then packed into a split flask lost wax technique process. it is then processed in a water bath at 73C for nine hours and afterwards it is finished and polished and presented to a patient. In this particular method it is relatively unheard of to have an allergic reaction to the denture. But not impossible. Some people will still have a reaction to any free monomer that maybe left in the denture after processing. Which may present itself as the "burning mouth syndrome" or a reddening of the tissue that is in contact with the denture.

However this also may be because there are some alternative methods of processing dentures that are shorter and quicker but leave much more residual monomer for the patient to deal with after such methods of processing.

This is basic information that will be made available to the patient through the licensed dental practitioner should the patient know enough to ask. There in also lies a problem. Most people will not question a person with a Doctor in front of the name. Put as in anything that you purchase now-a-days and educated consumer is the best defense against inferior quality in a product, any product.

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You can't. Modern dentures are made from acrylic which cannot be whitened. If you want whiter teeth you will need to have new dentures made

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It is not advisable to repair your dentures with nail acrylic. Although denture kits use a similar bonding agent, the nail acrylic can be toxic. It is best to seek a dentist for a professional repair. This will yield your best results.

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Dentures will never contain latex, however, they are made of other materials such as acrylic that can be allergens to the gums.

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In most cases, full dentures are made out of acrylic resins that may also include metals or porcelain for structural support.

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