What are the precursors of earthquakes?


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Most earthquakes have no precursors.

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Seismographs can usually detect the preshocks of earthquakes.

Predicting earthquakes is giving the time, location and magnitude of a future earthquake within quick limits. Seismologists use precursors, animal behavior, radon emissions, and electro-magnetic variations to predict earthquakes.

A hurricane. The precursors of hurricanes can be spotted days in advance. Earthquakes cannot be predicted at all with current knowledge and technology.

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Hurricanes take days to develop and travel to a given location. The precursors to hurricanes can be easily spotted by satellites The conditions that lead up to and influence hurricanes, such as humidity and sea surface temperatures. By contrast an earthquake usually strikes in a matter of seconds. They usually occur several miles beneath the surface, where many factors cannot be measured, and finally there are no known precursors to earthquakes that can be used in accurate predictions.

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There are many probably earthquake precursors that could lead to useful predictions of when one will occur. Foreshocks are one way to predict when a quake is coming.

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No. Whales have evolved for 50 million years is seismically-active waters, thus, evolution has had ample time to bring about ways to protect sea mammals from undersea earthquakes. One way this can be accomplished is by equipping whales to detect earthquake precursors signals. Since all major earthquakes, like the big 2011 quake offshore of Japan, emit strong precursors, the whales were able to detect this event long before it happened and move far enough away to prevent injury. The Japanese people should study how whales detect big earthquakes, rather then hunt them down and kill them. It certainly seems like bad karma for Japan to continue slaughtering the very sea mammals that could save their lives.

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