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Humans are recognized as the primary predator of the wolverine. Mountain lion, wolf and bear are predators of the wolverine.

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Q: What are the predators of a wolverine?
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Related questions

What are the predators of the Wolverine?

The predaters of the wolverine are...... humans and bears.

When is the wolverine considered to be a predator?

Predators eat meat, wolverine feeds on meat => the wolverine is a predator :)

How does a wolverine protect itself from predators?

It releases a bad smell, similar to a skunk which chases off the predators and it scratches it

Does a wolverine have any predators?

Yes mountain lions, wolves and bears.

What animal eat a wolverine?

I think wolverines are at the top of their food web. They are the Apex predators.

How does a wolverine protect its self?

It uses its powerful jaws and sharp claws to protect its self from predators.

What are the wolverines predators?

The Only Actual Predator Are Humans. However Cougars, Bears And Wolves Can Compete With Wolverines And Can Attack A Wolverine. But However, The Wolverine Is A Vicious Predator And Can Kill Moose, So The Wolverine Can Sometimes Attack And Even Kill These Animals.

Which is bigger a wolverine or an otter?

A wolverine weighs from 25 to 40 pounds. They are fierce predators and will even go after a carabou many times its size, if the animal appears weak or injured. The sea otter is the largest member of the weasel family so it is bigger.

What are the natural predators of moose?

Bears, wolves, and humans all predate on the moose. Additionally, the wolverine has been known to attack and kill a moose, but it is an infrequent event.

What are the moose's natural predators?

Bears, wolves, and humans all predate on the moose. Additionally, the wolverine has been known to attack and kill a moose, but it is an infrequent event.

What preys on a wolverine?

Because wolverines arr so strong , fast , and aggressive few predators bother them. Hunters , Wolf packs , and large bears are about all that bothers them.

Why do bears run away from wolverines?

The wolverine is extremely aggressive and will protect its kill from bears. It releases a stinky musky odor that bears and other predators don't like.

Where did the wolverine come from?

wolverine came into the animal that name "wolverine".

What would win in a fight a wolverine or a honey badger?

Wolverine easily.

Who played wolverine in the movie wolverine?

Hugh Jackman played Wolverine in the X-Men movies including X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Where is the Wolverine Community Library in Wolverine located?

The address of the Wolverine Community Library is: 5716 West Main Street, Wolverine, 49799 9747

Badger vs wolverine?


Who is better Spider-Man or Wolverine?

wolverine by far

Who makes Wolverine industrial boots?

Wolverine World Wide makes Wolverine industrial boots

Is Wolverine different from Wolverine X-man?

this is a simple question... no. Wolverine is his nickname. Logan is his real name. And wolverine the x-man is his superhero name- sorta.

Iron man vs wolverine?

wolverine is stronger because wolverine can beat hulk but iron man cannot. and wolverine has healings and he can beat iron man.

Will there be a sequel to x-men origins wolverine?

Yes. It is called The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine when Wolverine travels to Japan to train with a samurai warrior.

What is a male wolverine called?

A male wolverine is simply called a wolverine. Baby wolverines are called kits. The wolverine has great strength and can kill prey many times its size.

How many wolverine movies are there?

There are currently two Wolverine movies that have been released but there is an unnamed Wolverine movie set to be released in 2017 . In 2009, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and in 2013 The Wolverine movie was released. The character Wolverine has appeared in almost 60 movies and TV shows.

Who would win a wolf or wolverine?

Wolverine. The wolf doesn't have the ability to heal like Wolverine does. Also, Wolverine has metallic claws, that can go straight through the wolf. : )