What are the predators of spiders?


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Certain wasps predate Spiders.

Certain spiders predate other spiders

Certain birds predate spiders.

Small mammals will also predate spiders, as will some frogs, lizards, ants and humans

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Yes, spiders are predators.

Spiders stay safe from predators by using camouflage and by running away. Spiders can also hide in small places that predators cannot reach.

Spiders are both prey and predators!

Spiders are natural predators of wasps.

toads, spiders and shrews are predators of the woodlice.

Woodlice Spiders Are one Of Their Many Predators.

Yes, Spiders do in fact have predators. Spiders most commonly tend to become prey to birds, birds eat all types of insects.

Yes it has one enemy my mommy.And it does have other predators.

Primarily spiders and armadillos.

Spiders are predators. They are attracted to insects that they can eat, not to humans.

Spiders have 8 legs. Bees have six. Spiders are predators. Bees usually eat nector.

Snakes spiders anything deadly pretty much but watch spiders they are every where!

birds, wasps and humans

Birds Lizards and Snakes

spiders and i think maybe frogs

birds and some spiders

Although black widow spiders are poisonous, they do have predators. Some of these predators include wasps, praying mantis, and some types of birds.

They are predators of small crickets, mealworms, cockroaches, spiders, and other small bugs.

many of the predators that eats wolf spiders are lizards, birds, and other spiders

Spiders, cats, and people are just a few predators a roach has to worry about.they are not predators them selves.their scavengers.

Yes, they do have predators. They are birds, bats, and spiders. Some birds and insects eat the larvae.

Spiders have a variety of predators, ranging from small mammals and birds to other insects and fish.

Spiders, and some birds, such as tanagers.

Spiders are intraguild predators, meaning that they eat each other. If hungry and presented with a crab spider, most spiders would feed off of it.

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