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Q: What are the primary animals of Lake Superior?
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What kinds of animals live in lake superior?


Lake superior lowlands animals and plants?

There are a lot of animals in the lake superior Lowlands. Just like the rest of wisconsin. these animals arebeavers,fox,brown bear,wolf,and cyotes. They do not seem like they would be in this area but they are. I think it's very interesting.

Is lake superior larger or Lake Erie?

Lake Superior

Which great lake is larger lake superior or Lake Erie?

lake superior

What type of lake is lake superior?

Lake Superior is a fresh water lake.

Is Lake Superior the largest salt lake?

No, Lake Superior is a freshwater lake.

What large lake is in Canada north of Lake Superior?

Lake Nipigapon which drains its water to Lake Superior is situated in the north of Lake Superior, Canada.

What direction is Lake Michigan from Lake Superior?

Lake Michigan is south of lake Superior

What direcion is lake superior from Lake Michigan?

Lake Superior is to the north of Lake Michigan.

Is lake superior larger than Lake Erie?

The answer is Lake Superior

Which has more water Lake Superior or Lake Erie?

Lake Superior

Which great lake is farthest north?

It is Lake Superior. Please do not improve this because it IS correct:)

Which is the largest lake Superior or Lake Erie?

Lake Superior is larger than Lake Erie.

What is the largest natural lake?

lake superior but we share lake superior with Canada

Who is lake superior?

Lake Superior is a lake. Hence the name.

Are there glaciers in lake superior?

No, there are no glaciers in Lake Superior. However, glaciers CREATED Lake Superior, in fact, all of the Great Lakes. Lake Superior may have large floes of ice in winter.

Is lake Superior the largest salt water lake?

Lake Superior is the largest FRESH WATER lake.

Which of the five great lakes is farthest west?

Lake Superior and who ever did the other answer it was not Lake Michigan and Lake Superior it was only Lake Superior

Is Lake Erie larger than lake Superior?

No. Lake Superior is larger than Lake Erie.

Is lake Victoria larger than lake superior in square miles?

Lake Superior is smaller than Lake Victoria

What is the lake north of Lake Superior?

Hudson Bay. Hudson Bay is not a lake. The large lake north of Lake Superior is Lake Nipigon, which drains through the Nipigon River into Lake Superior's Nipigon Bay at the Town of Nipigon. Nipigon Bay is the northernmost part of Lake Superior.

What is the biggest fresh water lake Lake Erie Lake Victoria Lake Superior or Lake Michigan?

The largest freshwater lake in the world, in area, is Lake Superior. Lake Superior is also the third largest freshwater lake in volume in the world.

I am glass I am china I am superior I am placid What am I?

The answer is simply lake. Glass Lake China Lake Lake Superior Lake Placid

What is larger Lake Superior or Erie?

Lake Superior is larger than Lake erie

What US states border Lake Superior?

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan all border Lake Superior. Minnesota has a short border with Canada in Lake Superior. Michigan borders Canada in Lake Superior and Lake Huron.