What are the problems in libya?

Arab Spring
The current rebellion, is quite a significant one. Inspired by the protests in Tunisia, Egypt and many other Arab countries, Libyans began protesting against the regime of Colenal Gaddafi at the end of February. The protests were squashed, especially in Tripoli, the capital, and instead an armed rebellion began.

The rebels have control of the eastern part of the country, and are based in Benghazi, the second largest city. Pockets of resistance surround Tripoli, but the situation in many western cities remains unclear, including in Misurata, the third largest city. Although in the previous week, the rebel forces appeared to be gaining momentum, but in the recent days Gaddafi appears to have the upper hand. Recently, Gaddafi's forces recaptured the port of Brega, but rebels have counterattacked and the situation in the town remains unclear.

Post-Arab Spring
There are so many problems that are currently found in Libya. The main problem is insecurity which is caused by the various militia groups in the country. These militia groups do not wish to lay down their arms and create a unity government.