What are the problems that English teachers encounter in teaching middle school students?

The teaching workload in middle school is shockingly heavy. Teachers usually teach 6-8 periods a day, and often 3-4 different sets of class preparations. (preps) The number of kids per class is often in the 30s, sometimes even in the 40s. In middle school, the range of students is amazing. Some are still very similar to elementary school school students, while some are as tall as adults. Most are in the midst of puberty, and they tend to be moody and often weepy. Some are very disorganized and do not yet have the capacity to get their papers and materials in order without a huge amount of effort. Many middle schoolers are often preoccupied with: how they look, what someone said, what they are going to eat for lunch or snack, having to go to the bathroom, feeling sad/happy/disappointed/excited etc. Some middle schoolers have behavior problems that are difficult to deal with. Some are just on the verge of discovering sex, and they laugh at anything that is slightly suggestive. (Middle school teachers beware: Never draw anything that resembles a rocket ship, a banana, or a mountain range because it will look sexual to a group of middle schoolers!) It is also difficult to explain to middle schooler WHY studying English is vaguely important or that you (the teacher) are truly trying to be FAIR. Expect to work with crying girls and fighting boys, juvenile pranks, lots of impatience, and minimal attention to directions. BUT, the kids are usually a lot of fun if you can keep up with them, and they are easy to teach, once you get their attention.