What are the problems that can be caused by a computer by a computer virus?

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if u mean what can they do to your computer there are many many things
  • delete files
  • copy files
  • share personal info
  • steal bank details
  • publish personal files
  • monitor what you go on
  • make you buy things and charge u alot
  • but worse, they can ruin your machine making it un-usable
  • make the harddrive fail
  • ruin the hard drive making it unable to fetch any of your old files

so quite alot but ther is more much more i have heard of ones that make a voice come from your machine so just do a scan to make sure your computer is ok
signals you have a virus could be, windows opening when u didnt click them or just unusal behavouir. but the window one is most common
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What are the causes of computer virus?

Answer . Computer virus' come from the internet, they are created by other computer users for a wide varity of reasons but mostly for pure evilness

What causes a computer virus?

It may be caused by putting an infected USB flash drive or cd/dvd into your computer, opening an infected email, downloading infected files, going to websites that are dangerous, etc. Viruses can come as Trojans, pop-ups or files that may have downloaded themselves while you were on your sites. Ot ( Full Answer )

What is the possible causes of virus in the computer?

One cause is to visit an unsafe website by following a link from another, different website. Another is to download a program that contains a virus. The possibilities are infinite.

What can a virus do to a computer?

When you get a computer virus your computer may get random pop-ups trying to make you download something or sell something to you. It can also spread itself across your P.C files and make it harder for you to remove it. If you do not have anti-virus software and are an inexperienced online user you ( Full Answer )

What causes of virus on a computer?

Viruses are computer programs intentionally created by douchebags, to ruin your computer, usually for no good reason. When you download software or media files from really any source, a virus could be hidden in it and that's how it gets on your computer.

Where can you get a computer virus?

Your computer can get infected by viruses by visiting unsafe sites . Always use Mcafee site advisor to check sites before using them . Virus infections can also happen by using P2p services like limewire. Answer You can remove computer virus , by following these steps . 1 Download and inst ( Full Answer )

What problems would you have on your computer if you had a malware virus?

Website redirection You type in an address and it takes you to another site. . Home page hijack Your homepage is changed by the malware and you cannot change it back . Your network connection's activity lights blink a lot as the malware keeps downloading malware from different malware sites. . Yo ( Full Answer )

Discuss the causes of computer virus?

A floppy or a hard disk may be carrier of viruses. Internet can transmit virus to your computer if antivirus is not installed. programs purchased from unauthorized dealers, are mostly carriers of virus.

What problems does a computer cause?

Computers do not cause problems; the human operators of computers cause problems. Though if you need an answer; in the beginning there were many concerns about computers and the Internet making libraries obsolete, and or literature altogether… And of course there will be future concerns such as ( Full Answer )

Does toshiba computers cause kidney problems?

During normal, or even the vast majority of abnormal use, no computer can cause kidney problems. Unless, of course, you're eating and/or licking parts that contain lead and/or other toxic chemicals. If you spend an extreme amount of time handling soldered components then it's possible, but to do ( Full Answer )

What is the cause of a virus in a computer?

There could be many reasons. The computer could have a malfunction and accidentally create a virus. Or, a person could create a virus and send it to you through an e-mail, an ad on the internet, etc.

Causes of computer virus?

opening an email attachment (storm worm), clicking on a link, and installing software (conficker.a,b,c, or x)

Can vacuums cause problems to your computer?

What you need to be careful of is the static charge build up. If you are going to use your vac to suck up dust make sure that your computer remains grounded and also make sure that you don't rub on the motherboard and break something off.

What can a computer virus cause?

To be straight to the point, a virus can destroy your whole computer, it CAN gain all the power and can let explode your computer, but most viruses aren't that violent, most ones will destroy programs or will try to earn money by opening screens with advertisements.

Damages caused by a computer virus?

There are many different effects that viruses can have on your computer, depending on the type of virus. Some viruses can give you fake pop ups which tell you to buy non-existant antivirus software, some can monitor what you are doing (as in whoever gave you the virus can watch what you are doing), ( Full Answer )

How does a computer get virus?

Viruses and worms are nefarious because many don't even know they're present. A virus can be attached to a spam email, camouflaged as a benign file download, or concealed in HTML or Javascript code on a website. All that needs to happen for the virus to propagate is for someone to click the file and ( Full Answer )

Does RuneScape cause a virus to your computer?

RuneScape is safe; it does not infect a player's computer with a virus. There are a few ways people can get infected and seemingly 'hacked' out of seemingly no cause. Here are just a few. . Unsafe or potentially unsafe/dangerous websites can potentially infect a user's computer by installing malwa ( Full Answer )

Does iTunes cause I virus on your computer?

itunes does not cause a computer virus. it is legal software from apple. Apple are currently making the software easier to use because it causes your computer to crash

How do you get a virus out of your computer?

In order to get a virus out of a computer you first need to get rid of the computer because you made the wrong choice in computers. Stupid PCs get viruses 24-7, while Macs don't viruses at all. I have had my Mac for 2 years not and had had 0 problems with it. My old Dell could barely function. Go fo ( Full Answer )

How might a disease-causing virus be similar to a computer virus?

the computer virus is normally created by the humans they are sometimes caused by the unsafe usage of the computer and these viruses are non living organisms but the disease causing virus is a living organsim which is created by the uncleaned areas

How much damage can a computer virus caused?

Potentially, it could destroy all data (including the operation of your system software) on your local disk (PC). It cannot damage your PC Hardware so a complete system rebuild would sort it, Better not to get caught and save all data to an external hard-drive

What computers virus do you have?

god i hope your not saying it like something to be proud of, but to answer your question i don't have any. I make my own anti virus/firewall

What can you do if there are virus in computer?

You could use Norton anti-virus and scan your computer and delete the files, or if you know the files then just delete it. You can also use windows defender. Just deleting a file containing a virus is often insufficient, as many viruses infiltrate the registry and other configurations in Windows. I ( Full Answer )

Were can you get a computer virus?

You can get them from MANY different sources. Here are a few: 1. Banner ads 2. Bad game sites (like Pogo) 3. Other bad sites 4. Bad downloads 5. pop-ups The hard part is: Which ones are bad? This is a hard question to answer! The only way to know is to only get the ones other people (who you know a ( Full Answer )

Do antivirus companies cause the computer virus?

No. Antivirus companies know the risks involved when dealing with computer viruses and the potential dangers of viruses getting out in the wild. Antivirus companies do not hire people who've made viruses, and the whole concept of antivirus companies creating viruses is simply a myth, urban legend an ( Full Answer )

Can roblox cause a virus on my computer?

No ROBLOX is a safe enviorment for kids above the age of 10 and higher. (Not recommended for people over 17 years of age, unless they are an administrator and work for ROBLOX.)

How can you not get a virus on your computer?

mostly downloading. youtube was bad but its getting better now. depending on what kind of websites you go to you can get basically get viruses for anywhere.

Where can you get computer virus?

As the internet grew the vectors for virus infection grew. During the early years of personal computers, virus spread as people passes infected files back and forth on floppy disks. Now they can be passed through anything from infected shareware to java apps embedded in websites. Viruses can be pre ( Full Answer )

Does second life cause a virus on your computer?

The application itself does not. However, other files that are imported while using that application can be virus infested. Always, always, be careful about downloading anything from untrusted sites. Always check them out with a good virus protection scan program, first.

Will registry fix solve your computer virus problem?

Registry fix is a very good source to solving computer virus problems. Registry fix will scan your computer for viruses; however, like with all viruses, the sooner they are found, the easier registry fix can help you.

Can the tracking software cause a virus on your computer?

It is possible that someone with malicious intent could have surveillance on your installed tracking software and put a virus on your computer. Choose a high quality software and maximize security to avoid problems.

Do frost wire cause virus on computers?

It can. When using Frostwire, which is illegal, any file you've downloaded onto your computer could contain malicious software. If you plan on using Frostwire, be sure to have an Antivirus program (Windows Defender, Norton, etc.)

How can a virus get into a computer?

By Downloading Setup.exe Or Going on a Dangerous site And last is going on a danger site and downloading anything on it, Never do the Stuff here.

What does the computer virus Virus do to your computer?

no it's possible but it's to much difficult to make it happen. A worm called stuxnet is the first malware that used this vulnerability,actiully after that kaspersky i think discovers it they made a report to windows who officialy admit it.

Can the website gameflycom cause a virus on your computer?

Yeah it can cause. we cant give 100 % assurance to any website that dont cause virus likewise. we have to be careful about it. just if we have some good antivirus like Comodo Downloaded in our pc then it would be safe to get rid of any viruses

What damage can a computer virus cause?

It can... 1) Crash the computer by overloading it 2) Erase all Data 3) fail it to boot 4) simply print a embarrassing message.

Is it true that apple computers are safe from virus and malware problems?

Macs and any other non-Windows systems such as Linuxes are susceptible to contracting a malware infection, it's just that the probability of this happening is very low. Please, Google the answer to your question first and if you can't find one, ask it here. Otherwise, you are just reposting the same ( Full Answer )

What disruption can virus cause to a computer?

Depending on the specific virus nothing to complete erasure of alldisks. Some may tie up your internet or phone/fax modem functions,degrading performance. Basically a virus can carry any "payload" the virus creator choosesto do whatever he chooses.