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What are the process involved in water cycle?


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The processes involved in water cycle are: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Collection. These are the important processes that are involved.

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the process is evaporation than the cloud forms and than it rains so that is the three process that are involved in water cycle.

The water cycle looks like circular process. There are 4 steps involved in water cycle.

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Condensation, Evaporation,and Presipitation :)

Water is involved in water cycle. Water travels across different stages.

Water is regulated in water cycle. Hence, water is involved in water cycle.

The process of the water cycle is simply called "The water cycle". You already had the answer :3 It is also known as the hydrologic cycle.

Yes water cycle is a slow process. It takes time to complete the process.

Transpiration has an important role in the process of water cycle. The water cycle will continue with the process of evaporation only.

water cycle is the process can trace the origin of water

describe the water cycle between the water cycle and the others studied?

yes electricity is envolved in the water cycle

No combustion is not a part of water cycle. it s not involved.

The three processes involved in water cycle are:EvaporationCondensationPrecipitationThey help in returning water back to earth.

Water cycle is a continuous process. All the processes carry on continuously.

Evaporation is the process in the water cycle caused by an increase in temperature.

One process is evaporation also there is condensation that is used in the water cycle .

Snow is involved in precipitation process. it is the third stage.

Reversible processes are involved in water cycle. These are evaporation and condensation.

Water cycle is a natural process. It started from the beginning.

Water cycle is a rejuvenating process. It brings rain.

Water cycle occurs in biosphere. It is a cyclic process.

Water cycle is a slow process. But it is continuous in nature.

Watershed is used for water preservation. The water collected in water cycle needs to be preserved.

Without the water cycle we would eventually run out of water. The water cycle is a very important process.

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