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For a simple hydrocarbon (containing only carbon and hydrogen) the products of combustion are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O)

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Products of combustion of organic compound?

carbon dioxide and water

What are the products and reactions in a combustion reaction?

the products are an organic compound and oxygen. the reactants are water and carbon dioxide.

What are the product of combustion of an organic compound?

The product of combustion of an organic compound are oxygen, water and carbon dioxide. Sufficient oxygen will only be given in a case of complete combustion.

What are the products of complete combustion of an organic compound?

Generally water and carbon dioxide. CxHy + O2 -------------> CO2 + H2O

Will cyclohexane undergoes combustion?

Any organic compound burn.

When is combustion not oxidation?

Combustion is a type of oxidation; combustion is the reaction of organic materials when the products are carbon dioxide and water.

What are the two reactants in this combustion reaction?

The reactants are oxygen and an organic compound.

What are the carbon reactants for combustion reaction?

A fuel(generally an organic compound), and Oxygen

Is Lactic Acid an organic or inorganic compound?

Lactic acid is an organic compound. It is one of the four ending products of fermentation.

Is it true that when a acid and alkali react it is called a combustion?

No, combustion occurs when some substance, typically an organic compound, reacts with oxygen.

Why is it dangerous to burn organic compounds in a limited supply of air?

The combustion of organic compounds uses oxygen. If the air aupply is limited, then the combustion can consume the oxygen in the room, leading to asphyxiation. Additionally, products of incomplete combustion can be toxic.

Why are organic compounds flammable?

All the organic compounds contain carbon but the most stable compound of carbon is carbon dioxide (and finally carbonate) on combustion carbon of organic compound is converted into carbon dioxide to gain the stability therefore organic compounds are inflammable.

Why neoprene is non inflammable?

Almost every organic compound is inflammable and Neo pentane being a tertiary organic compound, is more reactive and that's why undergoes combustion very easily and that's why its inflammable

What is the chemical reaction that occurs during combustion?

When a compound undergoes combustion, it reacts with oxygen gas to produce energy and products. Specifically it is oxidation.

Is combustion the reaction of hydrogen and propene using a nickel catalyst?

No. That's hydrogenation. Combustion is the exothermic reaction between a one substance (usually an organic compound) and oxygen. Simply put combustion is fire.

What are the food contains highest amount of organic compound?

For example dairy products.

How is combustion made?

To combustion is to undergo combustion. Combustion is a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light.What are always the two products of a combustion reaction?A combustion reaction is when all substances in a compound are combined with oxygen, which then produces carbon dioxide and water.

How is an organic compound different from an organic compound?

Do you mean how is an organic compound different from an inorganic compound? If so, an organic compound has carbon, an inorganic compound does not need to have carbon.

The two by-products of complete combustion are?

In all combustion reactions (other than H2 with O2) CO2(g) and H2O(g) will be produced. CO would NOT be produced, as we are talking about COMPLETE combustion. Why can't the products be in a form of an oxide and a compound gas?

What is the difference between combustion and oxidation?

combustion is the complete oxidation of organic compound into carbon dioxide and water molecules in presence of oxygen gas while oxidation is the addition of oxygen in a compound or with an element the loss of electron from an atom or ion is also oxidation but it is not the combustion.all oxidizing reactions are not combustion reaction.....but all combustion reactions are oxidizing..oxidation reaction does not involve heat.....combustion reactions involve heat....

What makes an organic compound organic?

if a compound is organic then it must have carbon in it because carbon is organic, so if the compound does not have carbon than it is not organic

Is KBr an organic compound?

no this is not an organic compound

Is hydrogen an organic compound?

No; for a compound to be organic is has to contain carbon No; for a compound to be organic is has to contain carbon

What are two products of combustion if combustion is complete?

The products of complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water.

Is yeast an organic compound?

Yeast is an organic compound.