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What are the products of the nuclear fusion?

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If deuterium and tritium are used as fuel, the result is helium plus neutrons

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What are products of nuclear fusion on the sun?

What is a finalproduct of nuclear fusion in the sun

What is the benefit of nuclear fusion and What is one thing nuclear fission and nuclear fusion have in common?

nuclear fusion make more energy and they both make energy and have waste products

Does fusion produce radioactive waste?

No. The products of nuclear fusion are not radioactive.

What are the products of nuclear fusion in a hydrogen bomb?

The nuclear fusion uses Hydrogen to produce Helium. The fusion also releases a lot of energy, which is what causes the explosion.

Explain how the waste products of nuclear fusion reactions are different from the waste product of nuclear fission reactions?

The waste product of nuclear fusion is helium, an inert gas and not radioactive. The waste products of nuclear fission reactions are radioactive.

What is common between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission?

Their products have less mass than their reactants

How do stars make different elements?

Through nuclear fusion.Through nuclear fusion.Through nuclear fusion.Through nuclear fusion.

What are the advantage of fusion?

The advantage of fusion over fission as a nuclear power source is that it does not produce fission products, so any nuclear waste problem is much less

Why is nuclear fusion less harmful than a nuclear fission?

Lack (or reduced) fission products. Fission products emit most of the harmful radiation in fallout.

What creates the heat and light in a star?

Nuclear fusion, in the star's core.Nuclear fusion, in the star's core.Nuclear fusion, in the star's core.Nuclear fusion, in the star's core.

How do waste products of nuclear fusion differ from nuclear fission?

I found the website K1 Project very helpful. They had several articles underneath their Learn/Energy tab which should answer any questions about nuclear fusion.

What is common to both nuclear fission and fusion?

Their products have less mass than their reactants

Does fission or fussion produce radioactive by-products?

Nuclear fission often produces radioactive byproducts but generally not fusion.

Is fusion chemical mechanical or nuclear?

Fusion is a nuclear reaction.

How is nuclear fusion used in everyday life?

Nuclear fusion is not produced on earth. The nuclear fusion we use is from the sun. All the light and warmth we receive from the sun is due to nuclear fusion.

Is fusion nuclear energy or chemical energy?

Nuclear fusion produces nuclear energy

What are the products of the nuclear fusion of the sun's hydrogen?

Helium is formed, along with release of energy (heat)

How does nuclear fusion generate energy?

Nuclear fusion is an exothermic reaction.

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