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gumawa ng mabuti

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Q: What are the proper tool selection?
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What are the four selection tools in photo shop?

Answer Below are the few of selection tools in photo shop Selection Tool Key board Shortcuts Moov Tool V Marquee Tool M Lesso Tool L Magic Wand Tool W Pen Tool P Path Selection Tool A Hope this help

What is marquee tool?

The marquee tool is a selection tool which allows you to make a rectangular, elliptical, single row or single column selection.

Reasons for proper selection of employee?

reasons for proper selection pf employees in school

What are the benefits of proper selection and staffing personnel?

what are the benefits of proper selection and staffing personnel?

What does a quick selection tool do in photoshop?

Quick Selection Tool creates selections by automaticaly detecting edges based on color and texture similarity of surounding pixels with clicked point. You can click or click and drag to create selection with Quick Selection Tool.

What does the path selection tool do in Photoshop?

With Path Selection Tool you can select and edit individual anchor points from which path is constructed.

What setting does the Elliptical Marquee tool have that the Rectangular Marquee tool does not?

The Marquee tool is just a way of creating a selection in a certain shape. The rectangular marquee tool creates a selection in the shape of a rectangle (as you might imagine), whereas the elliptical marquee tool creates a selection in the shape of an ellipsis (oval) or circle.

What are the difference between selection tool to drawing tool?

With selection tools you can make selection and paint only inside selected area - for example and with drawing tools you can draw shapes like rectangle.

What is the name of the tool used to paint over the edges of a selection in photoshop?

the masking tool

What tool can you use in photoshop to outline sections of a image?

You can use the pen tool, quick selection tool and lasso.

What is importance of seed selection?

the importance of seed selection is neccessary for proper growth of plants

What is the proper use of esd tools?

proper use of ESD tool

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