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fermionic condensate is a superfluid just like a the bose-einstein codensate but this time it has the property of molecular gasses that enable the fluidity to increase its temperature

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Who discover the fermionic condensate?

The one who discovered fermionic condensate was Deborah S. Jin and her team.

Sixth state of matter?

Fermionic Condensate

What is a fermionic condensate?

A fermionic condensate is a superfluid phase formed by fermionic particles at low temperatures. It is closely related to the Bose-Einstein condensate, a superfluid phase formed by bosonic atoms under similar conditions. Unlike the Bose-Einstein condensates, fermionic condensates are formed using fermions instead of bosonsSource(s):rtc

The fifth and 6th phases of matter?

bose einstein condensate 5th fermionic condensate 6th

Is there a sixth state if matter?

Yes. There is. It is fermionic condensate. Recently discovered on 2004.Yes!

What is the most dense phase of matter?

Superfluid phases (like bose-einstein condensate or fermionic condensate) are more dense than solids.

In what three forms can matter exits?

In fact there are 6 states of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma, Bose - Einstein Condensate and Fermionic Condensate

What causes matter to change from one form to another?

there are 6 states of matter ,solid,liquid,gas,plasma, Bose-Einstein condensate,fermionic condensate. heating up and cooling down will effect the state of matter. for an atom to turn into a fermionic condensate or Bose-Einstein condensate it must be cooled to temperatures of less than 3 kelvin (around -270'c)

What is seventh state of matter?

1st state of matter- solid 2nd state of matter- liquid 3rd state of matter- gas 4th state of matter- plasma 5th state of matter- Bose Einstein condensate 6th state of matter - fermionic condensate 7th state of matter- thought to be Fermionic condensate

What are the nine states of matter?

Solid , Liquid , Gas , Plasma , Quark Gluon , Transparent Aluminum , Bose-Einstein Condensate , Degenerate Matter , Fermionic Condensate 'quantum spin

Names of all known states of matter?

The till-date known states of matter are-solidliquidgasesplasmaBose-Einstein condensateFermionic condensateTransparent Aluminium

Does dew have the same properties as condensate?

Yes. Dew is a condensate.

What are examples of fermionic condensate?

(SR) or strontium because of it micro particle down to the last cell block at the exact enquinity of 0.813956

What are the six phases of matter?

The 3 common phases of matter are solid, liquid, and gas. 1 less common phase of matter is plasma. 1 rare phase is Bose-Einstein condensate. 1 rare phase similar to the Bose-Einstein condensate is Fermionic condensate.

What are the 7state of matter?

A state of matter is a class of materials- 1} Solid, 2) Liquid, 3} Gas, 4} Ionized Plasma, 5} Quark-gluon plasma, 6} Bose-Einstein condensate 7} Fermionic condensate

What is the different forms that matter can exist?

States of matter are: - solid - liquid - gas - plasma - Bose-Einstein condensate - dark matter - fermionic condenste - strange matter etc.

What is the 8 state of matter?

There's 12, not sure which 8 you're looking for:SolidLiquidGasPlasmaSuper fluidSuper solidBose-Einstein condensateFermionic condensateString-net liquidSupercritical fluidColloidDegenerate matter

How many states of matter does water exist?

There are six main states of matter: Solid Liquid Gas Plasma Bose-Einstein Condensate Fermionic Condensate Also, there are many theoretical states and also more states that have been proved to exist but they aren't the main states of matter. :)

What are 5 state of matter?

Type your answer here...It's more like 15, but heres the main few: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, quark-gluon plasma, fermionic condensate, degenerate matter, strongly symmetric matter, weakly symmetric matter, strange matter, neutronium, sub-newtonian matter, and Bose Einstein condensate.

Are there six states of matter or five?

The 'six states of matter ' areSolidLiquidGasPlasmaBose-Einstein CondensateFermionic CondensateOther states of matter are:SuperconductorsSuperfluidsRydberg moleculesQuark-gluon PlasmaDegenerate matterSupersolidsString-Net liquidSuperglassliquid crystalline statesand Amorphous solids

How many states does matter occur in?

The 'six states of matter ' areSolidLiquidGasPlasmaBose-Einstein CondensateFermionic Condensate (also known as filament and beam)Other states of matter are:SuperconductorsSuperfluidsRydberg moleculesQuark-gluon PlasmaDegenerate matterSupersolidsString-Net liquidSuperglassLiquid crystalline statesand amorphous solids

What is liquid lithium condensate?

Not liquid but a gas; lithium condensate is a strange state of matter - a very diluted gas at a temperature near zero absolute. The properties of this phase are explained by the Bose-Einstein theory.

Who are the two scientists who study fermionic condensate?

There are probably many more than two. Two names I have gleaned from the wikipedia article on this subject are Eric Cornell and Carl Wiemann. May I suggest that you interrogate for more current information on this topic.

What is difference between naptha and condensate?

Naphtha is a petroleum condensate, therefore it is a condensate, therefore they are both condensate.

What are Name Six states of Matter?

The 'six states of matter ' are Solid Liquid Gas Plasma Bose-Einstein Condensate Fermionic Condensate (also known as filament and beam) Other states of matter are: Superconductors Superfluids Rydberg molecules Quark-gluon Plasma Degenerate matter Supersolids String-Net liquid Superglass liquid crystalline states and Amorphous solids Hope this helped, WForrester

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