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· Humans can be treated with medication which saves their lives because the medication has been approved of from the testing of animals.

· Humans and animals have similar reactions to medication and cosmetics, meaning that they can be approved of and used on humans.



· Perfumes and cosmetics are often tested in the eyes of animals so that the reaction is quicker, but it can make the animals blind and, if oral medication, can kill the animals.

· The medications and cosmetics are not only tested on a single animal at a time, but on many, meaning that if the drug or cosmetic is harmful or deadly to the animal, not only one animal dies or becomes seriously ill, but many do, perhaps hundreds.

· The animals that are used for testing drugs, such as guinea pigs, can die from the treatment of such life-saving drugs as penicillin, so if these particular drugs are tested on guinea pigs before the treatment is later used on humans, the drug will appear to the testing scientist as deadly, whereas it is only the guinea pig that the penicillin is deadly to, therefore the drug will not be used to treat patients in critical conditions and on the verge of death, therefore it is not only animals that are being killed in the testing of them, but humans as well.

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Q: What are the pros and cons for animal testing?
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