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Depends on alot of things per the customers wants and needs. However, the more obvious pros and cons: An inground pool is a permanent structure and therefor affects your taxes. An above ground is temporary and does not. Cost, inground is more expensive, although you can get really close to a inground price on some of the fancier above grounds. Above ground pools do not usually need extra Fencing, where ingrounds are usually required to be fenced per Code. Most people who spring for the inground pool get a deep end, therefor increasing your water volume and increasing the amount of chemicals you need for upkeep. Inground, you have to winterize, blow out lines, have water pumped out, etc. Above ground you unhook your top hose, let water drain out. When it stops put two plugs in, unhook filter and etc and put them in the garage for the winter. Above ground you can take with you when you move. Check your local codes with regard to fencing. My local code requires a 6-foot high "non-climbable" enclosure for any pool with a depth of 18 inches or more.

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Q: What are the pros and cons of an in-ground versus an above-ground pool?
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