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What are the pros and cons of having a salt water pool vs a chlorine pool?

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2009-06-05 16:06:32

A: they are both the same. A salt system feeds chlorine as it is

manufactured at the control mechanism. Salt is converted, as at a

chlorine making plant, into chlorine. The only other way is to add

the chlorine manually. k A2: Technically they work the same, but

reality is different. Cost: same but Cl pools in ongoing expense in

chemicals, whereas SWG (salt water generator) pool is big

replacement every 5/10 years ($500). I have 23K gallon pool and

converted to SWG and will never go back. The swim is SO much

better. No fading clothes or red eyes to Cl overkill. Its like

swimming in a giant water softener. RHM

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