Genetic Cloning

What are the pros and cons of human cloning?

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May 01, 2010 11:59PM

Let's look at the Cons -- Disadvantages of human cloning

1) No free will for the clone is the number one disadvantage of human cloning. A human clone will not ask to be born. His existence will be because someone else decided to "make him" and bring him into the world. Effectively this puts the person who cloned the clone into a position of God-like power.

2) Human cloning would be an obvious source of "slave labor" if allowed unchecked.

3) There is no guarantee that cloning is safe, even for the clones. Scientists don't know how long clones will live or how productive their lives will be.

4) "It's hard out here for a clone." Life for clones won't be easy. They'll face routine discrimination from those non-cloned humans who feel threatened by their existence.

5) The clones themselves will be confused on issues of love and belonging. Clones might very well be emotional wrecks upon learning of their Genesis.

6) The Justice System will need an overhaul. Imagine how many people will have the same fingerprints.

7) Humans and/or body parts could become commodities. Clone farms would arise to harvest organs and worse.

Pros of human cloning would be:

The main areas where human cloning would excel would be in research of medical conditions. The information available from cloning could theoretically open the key to defeat disease, and for this reason alone, many researchers will want to experiment with cloning.


There is an interesting sci fi film you might want to watch called "Clonus". If follows the story of a man who discovers that he is a clone of a rich & famous person. He then realises sole reason for being alive is to be harvested for spare parts to keep the original alive.

Cloning brings up many serious ethical questions.

How about the creation of the "Perfect" human? Wasn't this one of Hitlers aims?