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Plasma television screens have a better picture quality than LCD. The blacks are more vivid and darker. The con is that the bulb on the Plasma has an experation date. LCD are generally cheaper but the picture quality is not as good.

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What are the pros and cons of lcd and plasma TVs?

Plasma TVs get very hot really fast and can make the room feel like a furnace. LCD Tvs don't get hot very easily

What are the dimensions of a Sony plasma LCD TV?

Sony makes Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Plasma LCD TVs don't exist. But Sony makes both types in sizes ranging from 22 inches to 60 inches. There are pros and cons to both types of TVs, so you have to decide which is best for you.

What are the pros and cons of the Samsung LED TV series 6?

The pros of the Samsung LED televisions are that they have more colors in them, so they have better quality pictures on them than the LCD televisions. There really are no cons.

What are some of the pros and cons of Samsung LED TVs?

Some LCD makers have taken to calling their new displays "LED TVs." That's not quite ... That's what Samsung has done with its new line of LCD TVs using LEDs to illuminate the screen. ... They both have their pros and cons. ...

What are the pros of owning an LCD television?

The pros of owning an LCD television greatly outweigh the cons. They are light, easy to move, you can view it from a wide angle, the picture is much clearer, and they are becoming more affordable.

What are the pros and cons of Samsung 60 LED TVs?

LED TVs are often thinner than comparable models, and more energy efficient. A downside, however, is that they often are higher priced than the LCD or Plasma equivalent.

Are plasma tv recievers better than LCD?

No most people consider lcd tvs better than plasma tvs. Plasma tvs are harder to fix than lcd tvs. Lcd tvs also have a clearer picture than plasma tvs do.

What is the difference between Plasma vs Lcd?

The difference between plasma and lcd televisions is that plasma televisions have better colors. However, lcd televisions last longer than plasma.

What is the difference between a plasma and LCD tv?

A plasma TV is better than a LCD TV. haha! :-)

What are the benefits of a plasma LCD?

Plasma and LCD televisions are two different forms of HD television and have their benefits. Plasma televisions don't require backlighting while LCD televisions have better native resolutions.

Will this plasma TV last longer than and LCD?

LCD televisions will typically outlast there Plasma counterparts.

Do lcd plasma tvs work longer than normal tvs?

No because the LCD or plasma technology is relatively new. It also depends on the maufacturer. Panasonics plasma tv has a 100,000 lifespan versus 60,000 of an LCD. Plasma and LCD are not the same type of tv either.

what is the difference between lcd television and jvc plasma?

A JVC plasma is a brand of television and a plasma television does not use liquid crystal displays (which is and LCD television). Plasma televisions are thinner and provide crisper images.

Is an lcd tv better than a plasma tv?

LCD TV's last longer than plasma TV's.

Is a plasma or LCD TV better for use as a computer monitor and what are the pro and cons?

Most current plasma and LCD TVs can be used as monitors and many people do use it as such - especially for kiosks and signage. The drawback is typically lower resolution for these types of applications. You pay alot of money for these big displays and a 720p display is much cheaper than a 1080p. Pros - you get to watch TV. Plasma displays have had a richer picture quality for movies - something that probably does not mater for computer use. Cons - Much more expensive at higher resolutions. Mounting options are more expensive with large TVs

What are the advantages of a plasma TV vs a LCD TV?

Plasma vs. LCD has been going on for awhile. Plasma was generally considered better for larger TVs and for "black screen" issues. However, LCD screens have closed the gap to the extent that plasma is rarely preferred over LCD.

What are the major differences between Sony's LCD and plasma TVs?

There are major differences between Sony's LCD and plasma TVs. A LCD TV presents in 4:3 ration, while a plasma presents in widescreen. Plasma TVs smallest size is 37 inches, while LCD are available in much smaller sizes. LCD TVs actually look better than a plasma screen when viewed center on, but plasma TVs can be view from multipe angle without picture distortion. LCD TVs, however, a better in rooms with a lot of light than plasma TVs. The decision will depend on your needs, preferences and budget.

How many production facilities does Samsung has in Europe?

Czech Republic - LCD TVs. Hungary - LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, LCD Displays. Romania - LCD Displays. Slovakia - LCD Displays, Home Cinema, Blu-ray Players. Slovenia - Plasma TVs.

What makes a 55 inch LCD TV better than a plasma?

LCD TV screens weigh less and use less energy than plasma TV screens, but plasma has better picture and colors. LCD screens are thinner than plasma screens as well.

Do LCD TVs last longer than plasma TVs?

Plasma TV's, by design, have a much shorter life than LCD TV's.

What is the primary difference between plasma and lcd TVs?

The primary difference between plasma and LCD television sets is that plasma TVs use florescent bulbs and gas to reflect a image, whereas LCD TVs use crystals and laser beams to reflect an image.

What is the purpose of a plasma screen tv?

Plasma screen TVs differ from LCD or LED TVs. Plasma TVs use electrically charged ionized gas to display the picture. The advantages of a plasma TV are that they provide a clearer and better picture than LCD or LED TVs.

Should I get a plasma screen or and LCD TV?

I would get the plasma screen TV. They have a much better picture and they are much better to watch movies on than a LCD TV. They also cost less than the LCD TVs.

I'm debating the pros and cons of Sony plasma TVs.?

The largest Sony plasma screens on the market right now go up to 80". The drawbacks of plasma tvs is if you leave them on too long they heat up and can cause wear and tear.

Why would you recommend a plasma hdtv over an lcd hdtv?

Plasma TVs have excellent contrast and can produce deeper blacks than LCD TVs. Additionally, plasma TVs display more natural colors. They also have a wider viewing angle than LCD TVs.

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