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The Texas Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers (TXANS) at provides some good information.

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Q: What are the pros and cons or comparison for workers comp vs Non-subscription insurance?
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Do family members in California need workers comp insurance?

Workers comp insurance has nothing to do with family members. Workers comp insurance is an insurance policy that your employer will have on if in case you get hurt at work.

What type of insurance protects workers who are injured on the job?

This is usually called "Workers' Compensation Insurance", or "Workers' Comp" / "Workmans Comp" for short.

What does the workers comp insurance company need from the employer?

The workers comp insurance company requires the employer to insure all the employees.

What are the benefits of Liberty Mutual Workers Comp insurance?

There are many benefits of Liberty Mutual Workers Comp insurance. The best benefits to Liberty Mutual Workers Comp insurance would be the ability to get money when an employee gets injured.

What does a monopolistic workers comp stae mean?

You purchase workers comp from the state and not a private insurance company.

What is the ratio of the insurance cost of Worker's Comp to Liability Insurance?

Usually workers comp is less than the Liability Insurance. The Liability is based off of the gross receipts where as the workers comp is the number of employees and their hourly rate.

You settled a workers comp case can you get workers comp insurance on yourself?

No, Workers' Compensation Insurance is just for employers. You would have to obtain a commercial policy and possibly run into pre-existing issues.

Where can i purchase temporary workers comp insurance?

I need to see who in Texas offers temorary (one month) of Workers comp?

Who do you call if a workman's comp claim is not being paid?

First off I do not understand why no one that has a workers comp claim doesn't not go get a comp lawyer. workers comp pays for the comp lawyer. I would call the insurance company and ask why. then go get comp lawyer.

Can you still get workers comp if injured not on the job?

No. Workers' compensation insurance is for injuries incurred while working.

Who do you contact about workmans comp fraud?

The employer, the insurance company, your state board of insurance and your state's workers' compensation bureau are all good to contact about Work Comp insurance fraud.

Are workman's comp and unemployement insurance the same?

No. Workers Comp responds to injuries on the job and unemployment responds when you become unemployed.

What kinda of insurance policies do restaurants need?

Property Liability, Workers Comp.

Will health insurance pay for surgeries from workman's comp injury after settlement?

No, Workers Comp includes lifetime medical for work-related injuries, so health insurance typically excludes anything covered by Comp.

Where can I learn more about wormans comp insurance?'_compensation

Who pays your health insurance while you are on Workers Comp?

WOW Where I live it is the workers responsibility to insure his benefits will continue as employers are not required to continue Health care benefits in this case. Check with your Workers Comp Representative and employer!

What if your hurt at work and dont have workmans comp?

if your employer doesn't have workers comp insurance then you sue the company directly. Find a good lawyer.

Are you covered by workers comp while on jury duty?

Workers comp insurance covers you while you're working. It's rather difficult to imagine how you could get an on-the-job injury from jury duty.

Who is responsible for funding workers compensation?

the employer usually pays an insurance policy that covers the employee if they need workers comp leave.

Does workers comp pay for physical therapy?

Typically Yes, but it depends on what your employer insurance covers.

I got injured at work but the CA workers comp system is awful. I have good medical insurance. Is it better to collect workers comp or to file short term disability and pay your own doctor's bills?

In CA your only recourse for an injury on the job is Workers Comp. Your medical insurance can not pay for expenses related to your injury at work. Asking them to do so and not disclosing that the injury occurred at work is insurance fraud.

How do I purchase workers comp insurance in North Carolina?

This page: explains it. Scroll down to "Q: Where do I get workers’ compensation insurance?" for the information.

Can you file for Workers compensation for being pregnant?

Disability Insurance Yes, Workers Comp. No because your pregnancy is not a result of your job unless you were raped there.

Who will pay for work related injury?

The company has workers comp insurance and it's paid through that. Always.

Is work comp health insurance pre tax?

Workers compensation benefits are typically not taxable income.