What are the pros of outsoures?

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they aint outsour they outsweet!
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What is pro anorexia?

its not like making people be anorexic or encouraging them, but its more like not agasint anorexia, like supporting them, instead of saying silly things that can make the initial problem worse. if you searched pro anorexia on google, you would find many sites where not tips, but supportive ideas to ( Full Answer )

What are pros?

Pros could be professionals, or they could be arguments in favor ofsomething (as opposed to cons).

Who is pro?

Pro is usually short for professional, which basically mean that you do something for a living. Tends to be used for activites that the rest of us think of as hobbies, like sports.

What are the Pro of capitalism?

Capitalism as a social system promotes individual rights. In capitalism, everyone is free to do as he or she pleases so long as their actions do not interfere with the rights of others. The government's power is limited to the protection of these rights (laissez-faire capitalism as a political syste ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with pro?

show, slo, grow bro, I dont know who would want to know that! slow, dough, although, also, go, below, ago, aglow, bow, toe, tow, doe, forgo, stow, ode, gusto, hoe, hippo, joke, low, lo, mow, tomorrow, troll, know, no, oppose, prose, woe

What are pros of cloning?

rebirth of a dead person , knowing how the baby will look a second you

What are pros for mining?

There are numerous pros for mining. This creates employment, theminerals can be imported which improves the economic status of acommunity and so much more.

What are the pros with imperialism?

better education. we wanted to rule other land we needed more land we got more land and we became a free nation

Who is joe pro?

From what I can tell he is a DJ from Norfolk, VA. He does DVD's called "Booty Fest" and "Still Crunk".

What is a pro-numeral?

A pro-numeral or pronumeral is another term for a variable in algebra.. For example in the term. 2 x . the x is the pronumeral or variable.

What do you have to do to be a pro skateboarder?

Being a Proffesional Skateboarder doesnt mean you have to have every flip trick in the book down. You have to be a well developed skateboarder in many areas such as drop AKA Stairs, Grinding such as Backside Tailslide and flip in flip out tricks such as Kickflip nose grind. You must a have a wide ra ( Full Answer )

What is a pro-plutocrat?

That would be someone who believes the wealthy should rule the country for their own benefit.

Why are you so pro?

The word pro, is shortened of the word professional. Now, assuming that you haven't provided the profession, I assume you meaning at life. At which, all people live their own lives, how they wish to live it. It which case, means that everyone is 'pro' at their own, unique lives.

What is pro e?

Pro e which is short for Pro/Engineer is the software product of the company, Parametric Technology Corporation. This software is used in the Engineering field to produce and analyze different designs. It is designed to increase the user's productivity in this field.

What are pros of capitalism?

Capitalism promotes economic growth by providing a free market. This grants individuals with far better opportunities of raising their income allowing them to achieve economic growth.

What is the pros of conservatives?

\n. \n. He is building the military \n. He is a well experienced leader \n. He wont raisw your taxes like SOME parties *cough cough* liberals

What is pro tempore?

A somewhat literal translation is "for the time being" or just "for now" works. It's Latin, and a link below will take you to the Wikipedia post explaining the phrase.

What are pros of hacking?

\nYou could get Arceus if you are a pro hacker and you know what to do.

What were the pros of the confederation?

haha ---------------------------- It prevented the United States from taking most of our West Coast....oh wait no it didn't. It ensured that Canada would always have a military that could defend our nation...oh wait no it didn't. I meant that Canada would be able to patrol the borders without U ( Full Answer )

What are pros of zoos?

the pros of a zoo is that many zoos cure animals with diseases or sicknesses. they also help care for orphaned animals until they are ready to go out in the wild on there own. some zoos also have breeding programs to try and save endangered species of animals.

What is 'Pro Deo Pro Familia Pro Patria' in English?

For God , for family , for country is the English equivalent of 'Pro Deo Pro Familia Pro Patria'. In the word by word translation, the preposition 'pro' means 'for'. The masculine gender noun 'deo' means 'god'. The feminine gender noun 'familia' means 'family'. The feminine gender noun 'patria' m ( Full Answer )

Who is a PRO?

Pro is a term used in World of Warcraft as a person who is very intelligent and beautiful and good at the game. People that are pro usually travel in packs and troll the trade chats. An example of a Pro Maximus would be a rare species known as the Johnfu. These rare and intelligent creatures are loc ( Full Answer )

What are the Pros and cons of pro soccer?


What is pros and corns?

I'm not sure, but I think it's just a typographical error originally intended to be "pros and cons".

What are pros of Caligula?

None at all. He illustrates the dangers of hereditary rulership. As a child he was idolised, mainly because of his father, who was a genuinely heroic person. But on coming into office, following Tiberius, a bad ruler, he proved much worse. Read the novel by Robert Graves "I, Claudius" for an enter ( Full Answer )

How do you get Commando Pro?

Commando Pro are unlocked when you have successfully killed 20 people with melee when having Commando equipped.

What is a pro skaters?

a pro skater is some body who can skate well enough to be in the Olympics and get a gold

What is pro am golf?

A Pro Am is where, there are teams of two, one professional and one amateur. These usually happen on the Wednesday immediately before each tour event. The amateurs have to pay for their places and the places can be very expensive. For an example, the high profile Pro Am the AT & T at Pebble Beach is ( Full Answer )

What is an mlg pro?

An MLG pro is someone that plays on on the PRO-Circuit Ladder or PCL or PCOQ which is a ladder on gamebattles.com that you pay 25 dollars to join most MLG pros play Halo or Call of Duty but there is also starcraft II and super smash bros brawl. Sometimes people with say "OMG IM MLG PRO" when they do ( Full Answer )

What is the pros of Facebook?

Facebook is a fun way to interact with friends & family, you can meet new people (but remember to be careful) & you can post photo's to share with friends. Hope this helps!

What is pro arrest?

Pro-Arrest is when a police officer determines that you are theprimary aggressor in a domestic violence situation and takes youinto custody. It is a provision of the Federal VAWA.

How do you get GameMaker Pro?

First, If you haven't already, download GameMaker at YoYoGames. Then, follow the intructions when you start the program, that will take you step by step into buying the product.

What is pro audio?

This refers to the term Professional Audio which encompasses a large variety of things outside of the home audio industry, mostly pertaining to the field that is live sound for events, worship center, commercial auditoriums, theaters, and the like. This can include equipment, such as speakers and mi ( Full Answer )

How can tehnoobshoiw be pro?

I don't know. I said TehNoobShow at G.E. and he was the level 67 ! I was 74 and he was greeny yellow.

What are pros of recycling?

Plastic grocery bag = 1,000 years in a landfill Disposable diaper = 400 years Aluminum cans = 500 years Milk Jugs = 500 years Glass Jar = up to 1 million years Styrofoam = possibly never- think of your take out containers, your daily java fix In order to facilitate decomposition in landf ( Full Answer )

What does ghost pro do?

It is just like cold-blooded pro in COD: Modern Warfare 2. Your name will not be red to an enemy, and there will also be no crosshairs. Not only that, chopper gunners and all of that cant kill you.

What does comando pro do?

it lets you do melees from a longer distance and if you get a certain amount of knifing kills with that perk it gives you no falling damage

How do you get ghost pro?

for call of duty modern warfare. You have to take down 40 airsupports. Example= uav, attack helicopter, harrier, chopper gunner

What do you get with Scout pro?

With the ability of scout pro you can switch your weapons faster which also comes with the ability to make lots of people RAGE!

What are the pros of consumerism?

Consumerism is positive because: 1) consumers drive economic efforts towards organic reformation. 2) consumerism promotes free trade. 3) consumerism essentially results in national progression

What is compliant pro?

CompliantPro is fully web-based compliance management software that provides modules for creating a completely integrated system for quality management, environmental management, health and safety management and corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC). .

What is a PRO Number?

A PRO number is a number assigned to a freight bill. It's nothing more than a reference number for fright movements.

What are the pros on Partisanship?

-there is a uniform platform that is easy to follow because the party is organized and united -it is easier to quickly identify candidates using a blanket term, which (generally) has many preconceptions. So constituents know when voting what they stand for, without needing to know their stance on ev ( Full Answer )

How can you get into pro wrestling?

Go to any number of pro wrestling schools (Dudley Boyz Academy is the best) and you'll soon be picked up by a wrestling company. don't expect to be picked up by big names right away

How do you be pro on transformice?

Being pro if just what people on transformice say when they're very good.You cant actually become pro though.

What is pro vitamin?

a brand of vitamin carried in health food stores mostly . This vitamin carries complete foods in the pill so that the vitamin and/or mineral will be able to to assimilate into the body's system without eating the right combination of foods to gain the full benefit of the Vitamin pill.

What is the concept of outsouring?

When companies can no longer be competitive by producing their own products, they often out source to have the product produced at a cheaper rate so it is more cost effective.

What is the pros of uranium?

Applications ofuranium: - nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors 1. Uranium is analternative to fossil fuels, especially for countries withoutreserves of coal, petrol, methane. 2. Uranium don't contribute to global warming. 3. Uranium don't release carbon dioxide. 4. In the future uranium can be ( Full Answer )

What are the pros of a vPhone?

The vPhone is a voice over IP software program. It's benefits are the clarity of the line, cheaper costs for phoning landlines and mobiles, and an integrated answering service.