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typically IEEE 802.11b or its other flavor a, g, etc.) Some short distance versions use BLUETOOTH

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Q: What are the protocols used in mobile devices?
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What protocols are used in mobile devices?

WAP wireless access protocols. It also depends which mobile connections you are using. Do you mean bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS?

Which protocols are used in tetra mobile communication?

As per my knowledge, AT Command and TNP1 protocols are used in TETRA

Is copper is used for mobile phone?

Copper is used in mobile phones. It is used in all electronic devices and it makes up the wiring in these devices

Why are internet protocols used?

Internet Protocols are used for governing the communication between two computers or devices, Its a set of rules to manage how the communication should take place.

Why protocols introduced in network communications?

Protocols r used for network devices to communicate to each other. For e.g if one device on a network needs IP address, it'll use respective protocols for that. For sending data over some media, protocols are used. For setting up the speed, protocols are required. For security, protocols are there.Network is a world quite different form our human world. For what purpose we use our language, network devices use protocols for that.

What operating system is not used by today's computer and mobile device?

CPM is not used in today's computers and mobile devices.

Can you use belkin wireless card with a different brand router?

You should be able to. The protocols used by these devices are standardized.

What types of mobile devices can use Foursquare?

The current version of Foursquare can be used in all mobile devices with internet access. Earlier versions were not as advanced as the current version.

What devices can mobile Skype be used on?

Mobile Skype can be used on a variety of devices including Windows phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows tablets and Laptops and Personal Computers. One can find out more information on the Skype website or visit the respective application store for their mobile provider.

What devices is mail for exchange available for?

Mail for exchange is available for many mobile phones and other mobile devices. It allows a person to access their Microsoft email account on their mobile devices made by Nokia. It is available for mobile devices made by Nokia.

What is antivirus pro in regards to mobile security?

Antivirus Pro is a mobile security application for Android devices created by the AVG company. It is used to prevent malicious software from being installed on such devices.

Is Mortal Kombat X on mobile devices?

Yes, Mortal Kombat X is out now on Mobile devices.

What are some disadvantages of labor saving devices?

Advantage and disadvantage of labour saving devices

What is an ecommerce that uses mobile devices?

mobile ecommerce is the ecommerce used in mobile..Today these mobile ecommerce became much popular now many advance versions came like mobile ecommerce application..

What is the maximum and minimum frequency of waves used for mobile phones?

The mobile phone waves are measured in frequencies. The minimum and maximum waves that are used for the mobile devices are 872-960 MHz and 1710-1875 MHz.

What is different between Intel core i5 and mobile i5 processor?

Intel core i5 is used in desktops and laptops while mobile i5 is used in netbooks, the mobile i5 is not as powerful as the regular i5 because it is built for mobile devices.

What devices are most commonly used today?

Cell/Mobile phones most likely

Does Tetris have apps for mobile devices?

Yes, Tetris has apps for mobile devices. Tetris can be downloaded for andriod phones, kindle fire as well as other mobile devices. Sometimes it can be downloaded for free.

Where can you find out which mobile devices are compatible with Google maps for mobile devices?

Google maps work on a number of moblie devices including Android powered devices, most J2ME phones, Palm devices with Palm webOS and Palm OS5+, color Blackberry devices, Windows Mobile devices 5.0 +, and 3G Symbian devices. Be aware that some features may not work on all devices, and limitations of mobile service providers may affect some applications.

The protocols used to encrypt account names and passwords are called protocols?

Authentication Protocols

What are some antivirus programs for mobile devices?

There are a number of antivirus programs available for mobile devices. Some mobile antivirus programs include McAfee Mobile Security, Lookout Premium, and ESET Mobile Security.

Blank are standard methods or formats for communication between networked devices?


What is called android?

Android is a mobile Operation System designed for low power devices like mobile devices.

What does the term assistive mobile devices include?

Assistive mobile devices include canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.

What is mobile computer and mobile devices?

laptop and cellphone