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Different lines invoke different feelings depending on your mental background. Though they differ in the minds of others, horizontal lines usually leave a sense of tranquility, imagine a sunset cast upon the ocean. Vertical lines give a feeling of stability, for example, pillars that hold a building, or a tall man, one would consider him more "stable" or confident if he was vertical and upright rather than slouching. While curved, and zig zag lines offer a more lively sensation. I hope this has helped.

Alex - Student of art and Psychology.

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Psychological effects of load shedding is that its has severe effects on society. Specifically on students.

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The psychological effects of lines in visual arts can make the design of the composition more interesting by invoking emotions, leading the eye of the viewer, and make the art overall more interesting by creating actions like movement.

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1.helly-the craft hat affect drawing. 2dertf-the line that affect drawing

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What are the psychological effects of being trapped underground for more than two months? Abused children suffer extreme psychological difficulties throughout their lives.

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Toby Israel has written: 'Some place like home' -- subject(s): Architecture, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Architecture, Interior design, Interviews, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Architecture, Psychological aspects of Interior design

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While the TASER is not known for producing psychological side effects, ANY event can produce emotional effects. This question should be directed to a medial professional- and consider that it may be possible that psychological problems may have led to the TASER being used in the first place.

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