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Sharks are one of the predators of the puffer fish. The shark can eat the fish without being harmed by the toxins from the fish. Other fish are also predators but they will usually be killed by the toxins.

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What are the predators of water snails?

some dwarf puffers loach fish goldfish trout

Can you die from a pufferfish bite?

Yes you can, Puffer's toxin evolved as a response to aquatic predators such as larger fish, rather than for use against humans. Although a puffers toxin can kill humans. Note also, not all puffers are poisonous; Takifugu oblongus, for example, is one of the fugu puffers that is not poisonous. However, it should be noted that puffer's neurotoxin is not necessarily as toxic to other animals as it is to humans, and puffers are eaten routinely by some species of fish, such as lizardfish and tiger sharks

Do puffers live in the coral reef?

Yes, there are species of puffers that live in coral reefs.

Do green spotted puffers have poison?


Can puffers fish go with cichlids?


What do you feed puffer fish?

Puffers require a diet of hard shelled meaty foods, such as: clams, crabs, oysters, scallops, crayfish, and snails. Freezedried foods have been linked to loch-jaw, which is deadly for puffers. Certain puffers, such as Green Spotted Puffers are omnivorous and eat plant material (such as dried seaweed) added to their diet.

What do green spotted puffers eat?


Is a puffer fish a salt water fish or a fresh water fish?

it's actually both. there are fresh water puffers and saltwater puffers and brackish water puffers. the fresh water ones tend to be large (2ft for some species) for a more accurate answer i need a species name for the puffer

What kind of fishes are in brackish water?

fish that require some salt but not total salt such ash green spotted puffers, figure 8 puffers, archer fish, and monos

What other fish can live in the same tank with a puffer fish?

Well usually puffers are kept in species tanks but puffers can tolerate corys or smaller plecos but only with some puffers e.g amazon puffer or pygmy puffer or figure of 8 puffer wheras a congo puffer will eat pretty much any other fish in its tank .... Also puffers are fin nippers so no long fined fish or fantailed fish

What rhymes with suffers?

buffers, duffers, coffers, bluffers, flusters, puffers,

What attacks a pufferfish?

Sharks have been found dead with puffers in their throats

How do you know when a green spotted puffer is pregnant?

Green Spotted Puffers (and most other puffers) are nearly impossible to breed in captivity, and exact procedure has never been recorded. Puffers lay eggs, they don't become "pregnant". It's thought that the female will lay her eggs on a slate stone and the male will fertilize and fan them with his tail. GreenSpottedPuffer.Net

What fish can live with a green puffer fish?

hermit crabs Ceylon puffer figure 8 puffers (when green puffers are small) and each other because they are very violent so you can't put them with others.

Do puffer fish give live birth?

Puffers are egg laying fish

What plantes do puffer fish like?

It depends on the Puffer. Some puffers (like the Green Spotted Puffer) are omnivorous and will eat any plants put in the tank. Other puffers, like the Dwarf Puffer need a very heavily planted tank to feel safe and secure. Puffers are happy as long as there is a lot of decor to explore and places to hide. -Hannah-

What phylum is a porcupine fish?

KINGDOM:AnimaliaPHYLUM:ChordataCLASS:OsteichthyesORDER:TetraodontiformesFAMILY:Tetraodontidae (puffers), Diodontidae (porcupinefish)GENUS SPECIES:No data

What fish can be with black spotted puffers?

Blackspotted Pufferfish. [Scientific Name : Arothron Nigropunctatus]

What is the scientific name for pufferfish?

Tetraodontidae is the scientific name for the family of fish known as puffers or blowfish.

What is the water temperature of where puffer fish live?

Between 65F and 78F is where most of the puffers like to be.

How can you tell the gender of a puffer fish?

Most of the time you can't. Dwarf Puffers are the only species I know of off the top of my head that can be told apart by eye. With Dwarf Puffers- Males have "wrinkles" around their eyes and are brighter color then the females. -Hannah-

Can black fin sharks be with a puffer?

Puffer fisha actually should not be put with any other fish.. puffers are very aggressive and puff up often when stressed outt.. i was so sad when i could not put puffers in my aquarium because i think they are so cute!

What is a puffer fish prey?

Puffer fish eat a wide variety of food. A few puffers have a diet consisting of mainly fish, but most need a diet of hard-shelled meaty foods, such as crabs, crayfish, clams, scallops, snails, and mussels. Puffers need to regularly wear down their teeth on the shells of hard foods to keep them from over-growing. Some puffers are omnivorous and eat plant material along with other foods.

How do you help our brother from suffering asthma?

Yes, as the original answer says, you may get "Ventolin, flexotide, puffers and preventers"

How long do puffers live?

This depends on what kind of puffer your talking about. most live between 5-10 years.

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