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The pulse can be felt in several locations on the body.

  • The radial pulse point is on the thumb side of the inner surface of the wrist.
  • The brachial artery pulse point is on the inner medial surface of the elbow, at the antecubital space (crease of elbow).
  • The carotid pulse felt in the carotid artery of the neck when pressure is applied.
  • The femoral point, located midway in the groin.
  • The Dorsalis Pedis on the instep of the foot and the Popliteal at the back of the knee.
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Where in the body can the pulse points be found?

Common known pulse point is at wrist. But the body has a total of 20 pulse points.

What are pulse points?

Pulse points are places on your body where your arteries are so close to the surface that you can feel your pulse. The easiest to find pulse points are the brachial (inside of the elbow), radial (wrist), and carotid (neck).

Why do your feet pulse with your heart?

You have several pulse points in your body, you are probably aware of the carotid pulse in your neck and the radial pulse in your wrist. The feet also have pulse points. there are 2; the dorsalis pedis, essentially on the top of your foot as it turns into your leg, and the medial malleor, on the inside part of your ankle.

Points at the body surface where the pulse?


How many pulse points on the body?


The pulse point located at the wrist is the?

The pulse point that is located at the wrist is called the radial pulse. All together there are five pulse points in the human body.

The pulse rate at your femoral artery is the same as the pulse rates at all points of the body?


What is the number of pulse points in the human body?

there is (1) temporal pulse, (2) facial pulse, (3) carotid pulse, (4) antebrachial pulse, (5) brachial pulse, (6) radial pulse, (7) apical pulse, (8) popliteal pulse and another one on the anterior portion of the feet.

Which pulse point has the weakest amplitude?

Dorsalis Pedis Artery because it is the farthest from the heart out of the common pulse points.

How is pulse diagnosis practiced in Western medicine?

doctors check the pulse of patients by placing their hands on the wrist and by listening to the pulse at various points on the body with a stethoscope.

What are the scientific names for the 2 pulse points?

Radius and caldie

What are the 7 pulse points?


What do all the pulse points have in common?

They are all near an artery.

Where should you find the pulse of a stroke victim?

If you are looking for the pulse of a stroke victim, you should check the neck, wrists, feet and the back of their knees. These areas are the strongest pulse points.

What are anatomical landmarks of blood pumping through heart?

pulse points?

Where does ladies purfume go?

Pulse points. Wrist, wrist, throat.

Which arteries in the leg can be used as points to take a patient's pulse?


Why does putting cold water on your pulse points cool you down?

im no scientist but i would think that if you put cool water on pulse points it would cool your blood rapidly wich circulates through your body

Did a 65 gto have points or electronic distributor?

Standard equipment in 1965 was points and condenser. However as an option you could order a transistorized unit for 1964,1965,1966.It came with a magnetic pulse distributor,and ignition pulse amplifier.( Rare)

Is a beat or pulse in the stomach a sign of pregnancy?

I don't think so ... if I am not mistaken, there is an artery in your stomach area that will pulse when pressed on because it is linked to your heart. There are several other points on your body where your pulse can be felt.

Are there different pulses in your body?

A pulse is one and the same. There are however, different Pulse points. These are locations where you can evaluate the pulse. Pulse points include carotid on both sides of the neck, radial in both wrists, femoral in both sides of the groin, popliteal behind each knee, and pedal on top of each foot. The heart has an apical location to hear the heart's beating.

Nursing intervention for fever?

Aspirin, cool cloth on pulse points (wrist, neck)

When you were palpating the various pulse points which appeared to have the greatest amplitude or tension?

The aortic, at the chest

How do you check for circulation?

on your neck there's a crevice and if you feel near your windpipe you will feel your pulse When the heart pumps it sends out a wave that we call a 'pulse'. There are many pulse points on the body like the pedal pulse on the foot, femoral pulse in the groin, the radial pulse on the inside wrist, the brachial pulse on the inside upper arm, the carotid pulse in the neck, the temporal pulse on the side of the head and the fontanel that babies have. The easiest pulse to find is the carotid pulse in the neck - Put your index and middle fingers on the mid line of your chin, drag them down to the thyroid cartilage, move them to the side of the trachea and dig in.

Points at the body surface where the pulse may be felt?

Typically the inner wrist or the base of the throat.

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