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What are the qualification for section 8?

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You must be low-income to be eligible for Section 8. There are different kinds of Section 8 assistance so call your local housing authority or go to HUD's website ( to find a Section 8 subsidized housing provider.

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do i haveto have kids to get section 8?

No, qualification for section 8 depends on income.

Is 30% of your income and section 8 the same in MI?

No, qualification for section 8 is different, and uses a different income threshold plus an asset test.

When you get an application for a section 8 apartment what should you say?

Just ask for the application. The basis for qualification is determined there, not just in asking for the application.

How do you qualify for section 8 housing apartments?

Section 8 qualification is based on your level of income, the number of persons in your household, and your level of need. Your local public housing administration (PHA) can determine your eligibility based on those factors.

What is the qualification of ranbir Kapoor?

8 fail

How do you go from Section 8 apartments to getting a Section 8 Voucher?

when your living in your section 8 apartment, you can ask to be on wait list for section 8 voucher.

Which is the qualification degree with the most or maximum salary in world and only in science section?

A doctorate.

When must you notify the training section that qualification training is complete?

the next duty day

Is there section 8 in Delaware?

do delaware has section 8

What do you have to do to have your home be a section 8 home?

you apply for section 8 at your local housing authority and if you qualify you can get section 8

If you get convited of a crime while on section 8 can you be taken off section 8 And if you are a felon can you get section 8 /?

No, you cannot receive Section 8 housing if you have a felony. If you are convicted of a crime while on Section 8 housing, you will lose the housing. you can get section 8 as long as the felony 3 years old am I a felon?

Can a landlord refuse section 8 in nyMust a landlord take section 8 IN NY?

There is no obligation for a landlord to take Section 8.

Are there openings for section 8 in Illinois?

Chicago section 8 is open

Can you have a misdeminor and have section 8?

can you apply for section 8 if you have a misdeminor charge

How do to cancel section 8 housing voucher?

section 8 housing

Can a section 8 landlord rent rooms to a section 8 tenant and a non section 8 tenant in the same house?

Section 8 usually does not allow renting out of rooms within the same house.

What is your section 8 status?

Check section 8 status on Cassandra Castillo

Can you be a foster Parent and get section 8?

can you be a foster parent and keep your section 8

Can you get section 8 in apartment you already rent?

If it meets the standards for section 8.

Where in the Constitution does it tell you the qualification of being a president?

These qualifications appear in Article II, section one, 4th sentence.

Can you apply for section 8 if you are 17 years old?

i was tring to apply for section 8

If your eighteen can you apply section 8?

if your 18 you can apply for section 8 , but only if your an dependent

How long is section 8 orientation in Fresno ca?

when is fresno section 8 orientation

Once you are on section 8 housing if you leave a current apartment before you get into another apartment do you need to apply for section 8 all over again?

No you do not have to. What section 8 program are you in? multifamily, section 8 housing choice vouchers, certificate???

What article and section are the qualifications to be president?

The qualification for presidency is included in the US constitution. The qualifications are specifically stated in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5: Presidential Eligibility.