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any country can do the Olympics

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Q: What are the qualifications for a country to compete in the Olympics?
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What are the qualifications to compete as an athlete in the Olympics?

be of a great athlete

Does antarctica compete in the Olympics?

Antarctica is not a country, as such no.

Can an American compete for another country in the Olympics?


Do you have to be an American citizen to compete for this country in the Olympics?


Competing countries for the Melbourne cup?

Any horse with the qualifications can apply for a start, from wharever country they may hail from. This is not the Equine Olympics, the countries do not compete, the horses do.

What European country a member of the IOC has never competed in the Olympics?

No country is a part of the IOC that does not compete in the Olympics.

In which country did women first compete in the Olympics?


What country did boxing first compete in the Olympics?


What are the qualifications for a country to compete in the commonwealth games?

They have to be part of the British Commonwealth

How many play in gymnastics?

Well you will usually have six gymnasts that will make the qualifications to compete in the Olympics. Then during the qualifications to see who will compete on which event you can have as many as 5 gymnasts but only the top four scores are counted.

How can you sign up to compete in the Olympics?

To sign up to compete in the Olympics you have to go through the trials in your country and attain the Olympic qualification scores.

What country did Shaun White compete in the Olympics in?

What country does Shaun White represent?

Where were the first Olympics held where every country has competed?

The Olympics has never had all the countries compete together in any country.

Can any country enter the olympics?

Yes, if they have people who cam compete

Is Ireland competing in the 2008 Olympics?

Any country who qualifies can compete

Is the country Bangladesh in the Olympic games?

yes Bangladesh does compete in the Olympics

How can an American athlete compete in the Olympics representing another country?


When did Zimbabwe first compete in the Olympics?

The country known as Zimbabwe first competed in the Olympics at the 1980 Games in Moscow.

Did Henry rono ever compete at the Olympics?

No because his country Kenya boycotted both the 1976 and 1980 Olympics

What is different between modern Olympics and ancient Olympics?

Modern Olympics allow females to compete, they are not nude, and every country is allowed to compete. There is most likely more info, but this is all I know :) Glad to help!

How many people from each country can compete in the Olympics?

There's no maximum to my knowledge.

When were wemon allowed to compete in the Olympics?

no women were not aloud to compete in the Olympics.

What was the largest country that competed in the 2004 Olympic games?

Russia was the largest country to compete in the 2004 Olympics.

If you compete in the winter Olympics can you compete in the next summer Olympics?

Yes, you can compete in consecutive Olympic games.

Why are Australia so bad at the Olympics?

Les athletes that compete in the olympics means less medals earned for the country or continent.