What are the quality of sounds influenced by?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What are the quality of sounds influenced by?
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Why do phones have allophones?

Because the sounds in words are influenced by the sounds around them.

How is the quality of the sound influenced by the shape of the sound wave?

Sound is the shape of the sound wave. Not influenced by, is. Another way of saying that is "The shape of a sound wave affects how rough or smooth that sound sounds". For example: a pure sine wave (which looks similar to a capital letter "S" lying on its side) sounds smooth whilst a pure square wave ( |--|--|--|--|--|-- ) sounds rough. A jagged, sawtooth-shaped sound wave ( \/\/\/ ) sounds "harsh", somewhere between smooth and rough. People speak of the "harshness" of a sound. Another way of describing the quality of a sound is its "timbre". If you really want to be able to explain and understand how the shape of a sound wave affects its quality or timbre you'll find there is a lot of electronics and musical instrument technology to be studied. To start, why not see if you can borrow some books such as "How a music keyboard works" and "How to design a music synthesiser" from the library?

What quality of sounds does a physician hear as overactive bowel sounds?

During an examination a physician hears overactive bowel sounds known as high-pitched tinkling bowel sounds.

What is affectedness?

Affectedness is the state or quality of being affected, influenced, or simulated in order to impress.

Do 'dodo' and 'logo' rhyme?

No. But they do have the quality of assonance, which is the similarity of vowel sounds.

What are the types of sound according to quality?

Sound quality is also known as timbre. The types of sounds according to their quality are harmonic content, attack and decay, and vibrato.Â

How can you boost the quality of sounds you record on your phone?

make it so it ain't fuzzy.

Why do high quality sounds and images need more computer memory?

bcause of you my life has change!!

Is the dependent variable in an experiment the factor that may be influenced by the experimental treatment?

yes It sounds like you have a good handle on this based on the question..

How are some of the ways modern western composers have been influenced by world music?

Some ways that modern western composer have been influenced by world music is by including tribal and cultural sounds to their classical pieces of work.

Why does your voice sound different when recorded?

Because your head acts as a resonance chamber which changes the sounds quality.